Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Conversation with D Hunter

 There are new authors entering the writing game and one of them goes by the name of D Hunter. With his newly released novel The Game of Life entering the writing world readers have something new to put on their wish list. Ladies and gentleman make room, a new author has entered.

My Urban Books: What was a fear of yours as a child?

D Hunter: Growing up and having to face responsibilities...It's all fun in the sun until you have to step out and learn to survive on your own.

My Urban Books: Did you frequent the library growing up?

D Hunter: No. I did not learn to appreciate reading until I begin to realize the power that words possess.

My Urban Books: Who was your favorite character growing up?

D Hunter: Superman hands down...

My Urban Books: What are your thoughts once it comes to writing by hand? How often, if ever, do you write by hand?

D Hunter: My preference is a pen and pad...just really getting into computers and laptops.

My Urban Books: Will your debut novel The Game of Life be a trilogy?

D.Hunter:  Depends on how well this one does and if it receives enough attention to warrant a part two or three.

My Urban Books: Tell us a little about your main character.

D.Hunter:  Treach...Treach is cold, murderous, and will stop at nothing to have his way. He is a master manipulator of people and situations. He is an idealist who has ambitions of getting ahead in life as we all do.

My Urban Books: What are you currently working on, do you have a title and can you tell us about it?

D Hunter: Full Blooded Good....Urban setting love story of the bad boy who gets the good girl and introduces her to his world. My books all have a little mixture of everything...I will be posting about it is currently in the editing phases.

My Urban Books: What confuses you most about the literary game?

D Hunter: Nothing really. I am dealing with the same type of people that I deal with in my everyday life. Just learning the actual publishing business I would have to say.

My Urban Books: What advice would you give aspiring authors?

D Hunter: NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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