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Wife Extraordinaire Reloaded Part 3 and I'm Forever New York's Finest by Kiki Swinson

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A Conversation With Hannah Spivey

         If you have never heard about her or got a chance to pull up a seat and have a conversation with her than now is the chance for you to do so. Get acquainted with Hannah Spivey and learn about the person behind the pen. Behind every novel is an author waiting to come out and now is the chance for readers to meet Hannah, pen and paper pushed aside.
My Urban Books: Growing up did you always want to be a writer?
Hannah Spivey: No, I didn’t always want to be a writer. I dreamed of becoming a teacher, nurse, driver, or lawyer, lol.
My Urban Books: Your novel Ebony the Beloved started with a teenage girl being bullied while in high school, so tell us Hannah how was your high school experience?
Hannah Spivey: In high school, I was an introvert. I stayed to myself and I was quite timid, but I wasn’t bullied though.
My Urban Books:What one word would you use to best describe Ebony from Ebony the Beloved? And why did you select that word?
Hannah Spivey: Triumphant. Ebony was more determined than she gave herself credit for.
My Urban Books: When writing what must you have? ex: snacks, music.
Hannah Spivey: Lol, hmmm…I like to listen to music and eat chocolate sometimes.
My Urban Books: When writing what did you start off doing that you now no longer do?
Hannah Spivey: Good question! I started my first book by writing it in a composition notebook. Nowadays I just regurgitate my thoughts onto the computer.
My Urban Books: What about your eBook’s would you say should be altered?
Hannah Spivey: I’d say my three e-books need to be changed because they need official covers, lol.
My Urban Books: What do you believe is the strongest aspect in African-American literature?
Hannah Spivey: Captivating  gritty, scandalous, and tantalizing story lines.
My Urban Books: What advice would you give aspiring authors?
Hannah Spivey: I’d tell them to keep chasing their literary dreams until they’re breathless. I’d also tell them to do their research on book marketing, publishing and get well acquainted with prospect business partners via social networks.

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Renee: All Hail the Queen by Brandie Davis paperback sale.

    Renee: All Hail the Queen by Brandie Davis paperbacks are now on sale for $10. Purchase your autographed copy today and get FREE shipping along with a FREE deck of Renee playing cards. To place your order email me at, hurry sale ends on Tuesday 11/27/2012.

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Rebel's Domain Review by Fabiola Joseph

      One of the best things an author can contribute to the literary would is upping the ante and challenging themselves once it comes to story lines and strengthening their writing. In order to reach the goal which is success your elevator must continue to rise and never stop even when it reaches the sky, because we all know past the sky comes the planets and that big burning ball of fire known as the sun. Fabiola Joseph is that author siting on a cloud and aiming for Venus.
       With her new release Rebel's Domain Fabiola has introduced us to a new genre. I cannot tell you the name of this genre that she has created but I can tell you that it is in a league all of its own which has caused her to stand alone and stick out. This story's ink drips of a teenager in search of herself and struggling between what she knows and what can be. Scarlett is a rebel stepping into a game that many lose and others get lost in. The part a parent plays in a child's life determines their mental and physical well-being and whether they know it or not will forever live through their offspring even after death.
      Rebel's Domain will rip your heart out of your body and slowly approach you with it offering it back to you only to miss place it back in your chest and leave you filled with a soul full of emotions. If you're looking to have a one track mind and emotion based read then Rebel's Domain is not for you. This novel will cause your breath to catch in your throat, your tears to cloud your vision and your anger to rear its ugly head. Rebel's Domain is a 5 star read and a 5 star original. When the rebel's come to play no one or nothing will ever be ok.

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All Mye Queen's Men by Brenda Stokes Lee

The Left Lane by Keith T.Hodge

Synopsis: The name Tyrone Philpott rings in the streets as being southern Virginia's top dog behind the wheel. Recognized and adored by hustlers for his ability to pimp rides, his carefree lifestyle is disrupted when he shoots his hot at a women who appears to be well beyond his grasp.
Telina Harris, a knockout sister with an education and an attitude, is piecing her life back together after getting a divorce from her cheating doctor husband. Scarred an not yet ready for a new man, her one night stand with a charismatic hustler becomes more than what she expected.
Despite being a business owner and grandma's boy, Tyrone crosses the thin line between being street and hood. For him, there is nothing more alluring than the chaotic double-edged razor called the hustle. One side is money and recognition and in the other, are the consequences. And these consequences he is all too familiar with....

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Butterfly by Sexy



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Wahida Clark visits The George Mason Regional Library

The George Mason Regional Library in Annandale, VA is Hosting an Evening with The Official Queen of Street Literature, Wahida Clark.

Come Join Wahida Clark for an hour as Wahida shares her story and reveal how she stumbled upon becoming a New York Times Best Selling author and then one of the fastest growing Independent Publishers in the country.

George Mason Regional Library
7001 Little River Turnpike
Annandale, VA 22003
(703) 256-8122

Tuesday: November 13, 2012
From: 7:30-8:45pm
ACTION PACKED: Get a Sneak Peek from Honor Thy Thug (Thugs Part 6)! Talk to Wahida about the characters in her books. The Thug Series and Payback Series! Ask her your writing and how to get published questions. Pick her brain while you can. No holds barred! This event is FREE! Let's have a ball!

                     Wahida will be giving away 10 Gift Bags to the first 10 guests to come up to me and say, "I registered and I need Tasha's book!" lol

Yes, visit link below to register for the Event:

Will have copies of Payback Ain't Enough and Justify My Thug!As an added bonus: In the back of BALLER DREAMS ARE copies of those LETTERS everyone has been raving about!
THE LETTER, by Trae Macklin, THE RESPONSE & SHIT JUST GOT REAL both by Tasha Macklin!

The Knife in my Back by Stacey Covington-Lee

Available on Amazon and Barned and Noble

Brook Mansfield was born into a life of privilege. She had a family that loved her and all of the advantages that came from being rich, smart and beautiful. She also had friends, one of which was Tameka Williams. Tameka was a desperate woman looking to gain fortune, fame and love at any cost. It didn't matter who she hurt or used as long as she got what she wanted in the end. Despite the warnings from others, Brook took Tameka in and tried to love her as a sister. However, after taking the one thing that meant the most to Brook, it was time for the tables to turn. Tameka had used and betrayed her for the last time.

Rebel's Domain by Fabiola Jospeh Advanced Copy

E-BOOK DROPS 11-20-12