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The Ebony:The Beloved Review by Hannah Spivey

      Ebony: The Beloved by Hannah Spivey was out of the ordinary and very different from what I  normally read. I can sum this novel up all in one word "sad" the events that took place is jaw dropping, depressing and shocking. Hannah took you on a journey starting from Ebony's life as a child until her teenage years. The build- up to the horrific events where written in great detail and you can actually feel the heart break from the main character Ebony like it was happening to you. The novel was depressing in a sense where Ebony could not catch a break and the little rays of sunshine that shined through those black out curtains quickly retreated and was replaced with darkness.
     Although Ebony: The Beloved was a nice detour from urban fiction novels written about drug dealers and etc I do believe that certain characters did not need so much attention and that certain scenes could have been added in order to make the most important, anticipated moments more breath taking. I would have liked to have read a little bit more about Ebony when she finally found her voice but am highly surprised with how she found it, the change of events did cause my eyes to widen.
     Hannah's novel was a turn pager because it made me constantly wonder when a change of events would take place, I wished things changed sooner but the novel did take me on a journey to a different place where parents are anything but loving, school is scary, and your first boyfriend is anything but dreamy.

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Renee by Brandie Davis

Now Available on Kindle, Nook
& Paperback

Wahida Clark at Classics Books & Gifts

Get your copy of Baller Dreams by Tasha Macklin on Saturday, Oct 20th at the Grand Opening of Classics Books & Gifts located from 2:00pm-4:00pm at
4 West Lafayette St, Trenton NJ

Wahida will be signing copies of Baller Dreams and all of her books. Readers who bring ALL of her books for her to sign to will be given an "I Love Wahida clark" backpack and she will also have author NeNe Capri with her to sign copies of the Pussy Trap.

And listen up guys! In the back of Baller Dreams there will be The Letter by Trae Macklin and The Response and Shit Just Got Real by Tash Macklin.

A Conversation with NeNe Capri

       When you think of authors think of originality. Think of people who stands outside of the box instead of within and who walks away from a crowd in order to be alone with a story on their mind waiting to be released. NeNe Capri has entered urban fiction with a title of a novel so eye catching so out of the norm that it has made her the hit of the genre and has everyone in anticipation of the Pussy Trap 2. In order to be a success in the writing world you have to stand out and be seen, you have to be what everyone is not. Now take a look into the world of an author who proved to be anything but normal.
  My Urban Books: As a child how would you describe yourself?
NeNe Capri: I was always very inquisitive and active. I began reading at three years old, so I learned a lot very quick. I had an imagination that was out of this world. I guess that has spilled over into adulthood. When I was three my mom gave birth to my little brother and when I learned I was a big sister I took that role personal (smile). I thought I was the mother.
     My Urban Books: Five years go, what did the life of NeNe Capri consist of?
NeNe Capri: Books, classes and tests. I was finishing up my pre-law degree and preparing to enter Temple University for my B.A in legal studies. I think it’s safe to say I did it.
My Urban Books: They always say that a creative mind is a little crazy, what about you would you say is a little off?
NeNe Capri: It’s funny that you asked me that. I was just riding with my daughter and telling her that when I was a little girl I had a whole imaginary world set up for myself with my dolls. She was so tickled. However, when she was little I had a chance to teach her how to play and use her imagination. I believe it builds creativity. I guess still being a kid at heart is where my scales tip.
My Urban Books: Are you able to tap into any of your characters at any given moment? If so, who are you most connected with and why?
NeNe Capri: Yes I do. Each one of my characters carries one of my characteristics because I gave birth to them. I love KoKo because she is a no nonsense type female. I am old school; I believe if you have a problem with someone address them handle it and move on. I am very intolerant of foolishness.
My Urban Books: How is it working under Wahida Clark’s publishing company? How do you believe it differs from other publishing companies?
 NeNe Capri: I am not too familiar with other publishing companies. However, I can say that I am very spoiled by Wahida she is like a mother to me so my relationship with her goes far beyond business. But, when it comes to business she is a beast. Wahida is always coming up with new and innovative ways to promote and expand the brand. I am blessed to be on her team.
My Urban Books: The title of your novel The Pussy Trap, is not an average title, how did readers first take to it when it was released?
NeNe Capri: The readers took to it right away. The title in itself sells the book. It was funny because I have people who will walk past the big poster we have at signings and read it, say it out loud then say hold up does that say what I think it says? Then they say let me have that right there.
My Urban Books: The Pussy Trap 2 releases October 19th care to give us a hint about what we’re in for?
NeNe Capri: The Pussy Trap 2, The Kiss of Death clears up all secrets. KoKo will uncover lies as one of the characters tells her, “You have surrounded yourself with your enemies and can’t even sort them out.” Yes the suspense is nail biting I can’t wait to read and hear the readers feedback.
My Urban Books: What books can we look forward to reading from you in the future; do you have a title(s) and a brief description you can tell us?
NeNe Capri: I have two other novels I am writing as we speak. The titles have not come to me yet. Also I have just completed a story called “Shattered” that will appear in an anthology called Love is Blind. 100% of the proceeds will go to a battered woman’s shelter. Domestic Violence is very close to my heart, I am blessed to be on this project.
My Urban Books: What are your thoughts on self-publishing? Do you believe it’s the way to go when entering the writing game?
NeNe Capri: I think that each author should do what is conducive to their goal as a writer. I will say this, the writing game much like the music industry is saturated right now. And with technology advancing how we read, the big book deals are far and few in between. Self publishing may be the best route and also utilizing the e-book options to cut down on costs until they are established.
My Urban Books: In your opinion what is the difference between a writer and author?
NeNe Capri: A writer is one who has the ability to put words on pages. An author creates a world that enables a reader to climb into those pages and be the words, be the touch, be the kiss. And then do it over and over again.
My Urban Books: What was the hardest question a reader has ever asked you? And how did you answer it?
NeNe Capri: To date I have not had one of those questions but I’m waiting on it (smile).
My Urban Books: What are some negatives about being an author who’s on the social network?
 NeNe Capri: I believe that one should use these avenues to promote and familiarize readers with their work. When I see authors arguing or disputing with a fan who may not have enjoyed their work, tarnishes their reputation and is not beneficial. Every one has an opinion and as an author we must respect that.
My Urban Books: What new authors have caught your attention?
NeNe Capri: Eyone Williams and Pinky Dior out of DC Book Divas camp, Boo Jackson, and Raymond Frances New Jersey’s finest. Just to name a few.
My Urban Books: What advice would you give aspiring authors?
NeNe Capri: Don’t give up. Get a good editor. And become a student of the craft. Learn as much as you can. Surround yourself with good people and embrace criticism so you can grow and become a great writer. Promote. Promote. Promote.

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Fancy by Vanna B Book Trailer.


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A Conversation with Clifford "Spud" Johnson

     It's the battle of the sexes once it comes to urban fiction, who pens the best stories men or woman? Who makes the story jump off from of its pages and who can't the other hold a candle too? If we were to all sit down in a room and debate about it I am sure we will never leave the room. But the first man of My Urban Books to be interviewed, Clifford Spud Johnson makes the men's team that much stronger. My Urban Books will like to introduce the first man of My Urban Books, meet the man behind the pen.

 My Urban Books: How were you introduced to writing?
Clifford Spud Johnson: I've always loved to read, but making the best of a bad situation while sitting in federal prison on a drug conviction is basically how I discovered my gift of writing. I typed my first manuscript and shared it in the yard and received positive feedback. People actually looked forward to my next story. I was told that my writing was easy to read with plots that kept them engaged. That I had stories that people in the streets could relate to and the way in which I told them helped those who weren’t in the streets, still understand.

Writing was an escape from my reality. I continued to write and eventually submitted my work, which led to me selling a couple of manuscripts to Teri Woods Publishing which she has yet to release. Continuing to submit my work got “Kalifornia Luv” published and in print in 2009.  In 2011, working with Carl Weber and Urban Books on the release of “Gangsta Twist 1 & 2” was huge for me especially still being incarcerated and having that type of distribution. This year I released an ebook, “Kiss Me” with Lucki Read Publishing, and I’ve got at least two books releasing with Urban Books for 2013 which are “He Don’t Play Fair” and “She Don’t Play Fair”.
My Urban Books: How would you describe your writing style?
Clifford Spud Johnson: Fact based fiction with some very creative twists along the way. Unpredictable! My readers may start off thinking they will know how the story will end, but they will almost never get it right. I love to surprise at the end.
My Urban Books: What do you never see yourself writing about?
Clifford Spud Johnson: I don’t ever want to limit myself by saying NEVER.

My Urban Books: As a child who did you read?
Clifford Spud Johnson: I really didn’t read as a child, but read weekly once I became an adult.Now,I enjoy reading Sydney Sheldon, Eric Jerome Dickey, and Vince Flynn.
My Urban Books: Tell us a little bit about your future releases He Don’t Play Fair and She Don’t Play Fair
Clifford Spud Johnson: He Don’t Play Fair will release early in 2013 with Urban Books. I introduce the world to main character, “Papio” who when the book opens, is getting acclimated back into society after serving a federal prison sentence. Having left a lot of unfinished business he travels from OKC to LA to handle things, meeting someone Special along the way. This one has lots of twists and unexpected events that are sure to keep the pages turning.
She Don’t Play Fair will release in the Summer of 2013.   The intense drama and action in "She Don't Play Fair" picks up where He Don't Play Fair left off. This time it's all about the main character "Special", who is trying her best to move on with life but can't get beyond the memories of she and Papio. Remorse, regrets and revenge fuel the pages of this fiery tale of crossed lovers. Hopefully both books will keep readers on the edge of their seats. He Don’t Play Fair is currently available for pre-sales on Amazon.
My Urban Books:  In your opinion how does urban fiction differ from other genres other than its themes?
Clifford Spud Johnson: When you break it down, most often it doesn’t differ. Most stories are going to have an introduction, some sort of action, a climax then a resolution. I find that a lot of urban fiction stories take place either in the 80’s, 90’s to present times. Other genres, have extended time periods.
My Urban Books:What is one thing about urban fiction you would like to see change?
Clifford Spud Johnson: Creating characters that are super gangsters, I understand its fiction but come on!
My Urban Books:  Do you consider urban fiction and hip hop one of the same?
Clifford Spud Johnson: Yes, basically. They both give fans an in depth view of an urban lifestyle and of the urban culture, both good and bad.
My Urban Books: If you could piece together the perfect urban fiction author who would it consist of?
Clifford Spud Johnson: The great Sydney Sheldon, Eric Jerome Dickey and myself. Sydney Sheldon was the best story teller of our time. His work is remarkable! His way of moving a story is flawless. Combine him with the way that Eric Jerome Dickey articulates his words and my flair for the ultimate twist we would be unstoppable!
My Urban Books:  What advice would you give aspiring authors?
Clifford Spud Johnson: If writing is your passion then stick to it. Perfect your craft. Learn from your mistakes and accept criticism.You will not be able to please everyone. Take your time to learn the ins and outs of the business side of things and have faith in your creativity.  Don't let the haters stop you from writing that masterpiece that’s inside of you.

The Cartel 4 Review

       Everyone loves a good book so when readers were informed there would be a Cartel part 4 by Ashley & Jaquavis everyone was on the edge of their seats impatiently waiting for its release. So when word got back to me that the novel was released earlier than expected I made it my business to be one of the first to get  a copy in my hand. The second it touched my palm I did not hesitate to crack it open, dive into the story and let my mind drift off into a whole new world. Many of you may not think that I cannot some up this book in three words but I can and those three words are DIFFERENT, SURPRISING, and UNPREDICTABLE.
       When I started reading the first three chapters I have to admit that I believe it started off a little slow and certain shockers did not quiet shock me but after the story proceeded to dig deeper, like a fish to bate I was drawn in. The Cartel 4 is an un-expecting roller coaster ride where every time you catch your breath and think it’s over it starts all over again this time riding faster with no pit stops. What I enjoyed most about this novel is the emotion dripping off each page, on several occasions I caught my eyes filling with tears. I would be lying if I told you that this was the Cartel we have become familiar with, because it isn't, this is the new and improved Cartel and the stakes are higher and feelings deadlier. Characters that you once knew are now transformed and releases characteristics you never seen coming.
          Everything changes and no one is who they once were which makes being a Diamond more complicated than ever. This novel is filled with deceit and pain and will have readers feel like they are in a game of tug of war, which side will you be on? Who will you root for? And most importantly who will win? When I finished reading the very last sentence I closed my book and thought to myself, "Diamonds are forever."
                                          To Be Continued.............

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Redbone 2 by T.Styles

Coming Soon

K'wan at the Cartel Cafe & Books Store

             K'wan will be at the Cartel Cafe & Books on Saturday
Oct 6, 2012 from 3:00pm-6:00pm.
Cartel Cafe & Books
5011 B Indian Head Highway
Oxon Hill, MD 20745

The Cartel 4 has released early!

Want the Cartel 4 earlier than it's release date which is 10/30? It is now in stuck ast Urban Knowledge Arundel Mall store.
7000 Arundrel Mills Circle
Handover, MD

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A Conversation with Mack Mama

         Why do one thing when you can do it all? Mack Mama is more than just a woman with a pen she is a woman on a mission and her goal is to not only conquer urban fiction but radio as a whole. Now who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? Mack Mama is showing woman everywhere that whatever you put your mind to you can achieve it and dominate it; Mack Mama is not only fierce with a pen but a jack of all trades. Ladies and gentlemen I will like to introduce you to the one and only Mack Mama.

My Urban Books: Who do you look up too? Do you have a mentor?

Mack Mama: I look up to Michelle Obama, Beyonce, and Patti Labelle. My mentor is an author named Mizz. He wrote Bishop, Bulldog Crew, Haters Animosity and G-Banks. He gave me the blueprint to the independent publishing industry. I also look up to Treasure E. Blue. That is a real dude. He gives so much to new authors and asks for nothing in return. He shows love and it's genuine.

My Urban Books: Who or what motivates you?

Mack Mama: David Weaver, Fabiola Joseph and Wahida Clark those are a few authors and my daughter keeps the fire burning in my soul, to make it happen for her future. I know I have to build an empire and pass the torch on to others that come from where I come from. I have to give back. The at-risk youth motivate me to do better when they look at me as a "Shero" because I made it, although I did thirteen years of my life in and out of the prison system.

My Urban Books: What personality trait, if any, are you working on to better?

Mack Mama: I am too real. I have no filter and sometimes things I say can be misconstrued. I am from a place that most people only read about. My perspective of things are far different from the average person so I express myself differently. I want to work on limiting my opinions on topics that are sensitive to folks from a regular background.

My Urban Books: What question are you most frequently asked?

Mack Mama: I am always asked about my criminal past, which I don't mind because I wrote about it in my memoir Tales of an Original Bad Girl. I wanted to let out all the dirt in my closet and hopefully not be judged from my actions. So I shared my sordid past with the world. I am thankful that I was embraced for it and not ostracized. I always say if God can forgive me than mankind can surely overlook my past flaws.

My Urban Books: What is the motto that you live by?

Mack Mama: Never give up! I don't accept defeat. I fall off the horse and get right back on that beast and ride out until the sunsets.

My Urban Books: What would you say is the recipe for being successful?

Mack Mama: Not accepting anything other than success. Research the field you want to dominate, know your industry and work harder and longer than your peers.

My Urban Books: You have your own blog talk radio show, Mack Mama's Radio World. What made you decide to start your own radio show?

Mack Mama: I wanted a format to play my music and promote my products and then I discovered I actually have what it takes to be a radio personality. I love talking and I have a knack for making folks feel comfortable and allowing them to be themselves.

My Urban Books: Tell us a little about Mistress, the sequel to Daisy Jones.

Mack Mama: Mistress is the sequel to Daisy Jones that I am currently writing. I hope to release it by Nov 2, 2012 right on time for the holidays. Mistress is one of the characters that was locked up while Daisy and the O.B.G's were dealing with their drama. She is home from prison and hell bent on wreaking havoc in the street that she once dominated.

My Urban Books: What do you hope to achieve with writing?

Mack Mama: I want to make a living and be able to take care of my family. I also want to leave a legacy behind for my future generation. Printed words never die they evolve with the world. If the world as we know it came to an abrupt end, through the rubble there will be books tossed around. I want my collection to be in that pile.

My Urban Books: Do you see yourself writing outside of urban fiction? If so what would it be?

Mack Mama: Yes, absolutely I write self-help, erotica and non-fiction. I want to try flash fiction, contemporary fiction, and I also want to dabble in young adult fiction.

My Urban Books: What advice would you give aspiring authors?

Mack Mama: If you plan to self-publish your book please invest in editing and copy-editing. Also research how to format your manuscript properly to upload ebooks. Ebooks are the new wave jump on it and keep your balance. It doesn't make since to do a big print run for paperback books, do print on demand. I wasted thousands on large print runs; I still have hundreds of books in storage. Without distribution you can't move them like you need to. The mom and pop bookstores are shutting down and most don't want to pay anything but consignment. Good Luck and Congrats on following your dreams.

Unique by Nikki Turner