Sunday, January 18, 2015

One Night by Eric Jerome Dickey


Legacy by Joy Deja King

Synopsis: The Legacy is a trilogy that introduces you to the very prominent yet deadly, Collins Family. Allen Collins is the head of the drug empire and he grooms both his sons to control it with him. He wants to create a legacy for his family that will continue on from generation to generation. But in Allen's quest to leave a legacy, he has to first survive his biggest competition, which is the Hernandez family. Allen also has to make sure that he keeps certain politicians, judges and police officers in his back pocket. But Allen's wife Karmen, might turn out to be his most fatal opponent when she eventually grows tired of being his dutiful wife and learns about his mistress.
Besides Allen trying to keep his wife loyal he also has to play peacemaker to his sons Clayton and Kasir. The men are complete opposites and constantly butt heads over their different styles on how to run the family business.
Finally there is Allen's daughter Ashton, that he absolutely adores. Ashton has the beauty of her mother but a mind to destroy like her father. The Legacy will follow the rise of the Collins Family to greatness and how they have to fight to remain united so they won't fall.

Coming May 20, 2015

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Weep Of The Willow by Iris Fambro Carter

Atlanta, Georgia 1983––Eva has been keeping a secret from her sister Annie. On her deathbed, Eva has to clear her conscience. It is time to right old wrongs.

Crabtree, Georgia 1921––Luella Mae Jameson has found herself in the last place she ever expected to be…living life as the town whore. Luella Mae’s husband has run off with the first “river-hipped thang” that crossed his path, leaving her to take care of herself and their young daughter, Eva, the only way she knows how. After visiting the voodoo priestess, who cast two spells to give Luella Mae her heart’s desire, her life changes in ways she never expected.

Jimmy Thompson is everything society expects him to be…a successful businessman, married to a well-bred southern woman, and above all, a staunch racist and member of the Ku Klux Klan. The only problem is he’s been in love with a colored woman for most of his life and then he’s given the opportunity to have her.

In the midst of such violent times, where the lines have been drawn between segregated whites and the colored folk of Crabtree, Georgia, Weep Of The Willow dares to share their story of forbidden love and secrets.