Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Prada Plan 3 by Ashley Antoinette Review

          When I read Prada Plan one I was instantly hooked, that novel gave me everything a reader could ask for and them some and when part two dropped it delivered twice as hard and had me dying for part three. I was lucky to get an early copy of Prada Plan 3: The Green Eyed Monster by Ashley Antoinette and when I did I sunk my eyes right into it. Prada Plan 3 is unlike part one and two in the since where there is not constant surprises and twist at every turn, but instead I would like to describe this novel as a game of chess. A novel where you have to sit back and take in everything that is given to you and unravel the puzzle Mrs. Antoinette-Coleman is giving to you.
         As a reader/author I like to read between the lines and pay attention to what the author is and is not directly saying. It is defiantly obvious Ashley gave this novel much thought because she took your everyday drug dealers and placed them on a different level many could have never thought phantomed. I have an idea that every reader out there is assuming part 3 will go in one direction but Ashley takes you on an entirely different path leading you to wonder one thing "what the heck is going to happen?" you think you know but you have no idea. We all love YaYa but in this novel you will begin to despise her and even question who she really is. A story is more than entertainment and putting pen to paper, it is a game of chess and a puzzle that the reader must piece together without bending or forcing a piece in place. Prada Plan 3 takes you into the mind of an author who thinks as such, an author, and gives readers what they are missing, a non-predictable, out of the box, opposite read that not even you seen coming.
         Ever since I put pen to paper and written my first novel I can no longer read a novel as just a reader, my writer instincts come alive and I judge work by looking deeper into it. So as an author I must say that Ashley shocked me and taught me new tricks in the game of writing, Prada Plan 3 taught to me to write the unexpected and read like there’s no tomorrow. And as a reader she mixed anger within me for the man character that I didn't see coming and taught me that everything is not how they seem. If you appreciate good literature and something out of the norm pick up The Prada Plan 3: The Green Eyed Monster you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Cant wait to sit down and read this!!!