Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Urban Books Reader of the Week Qiana Drennan.

Good readers are hard to come by but My Urban Books went on a hunt for some of the best bookworms the literary world has to offer and the first one we came across is Qiana Drennan. So pull up a seat and read why Ms.Drennan is the reader every author should want to pick up their novel.
My Urban Books: When did your reading journey begin?
Qiana Drennan: My reading journey began back in the 5th grade. My teacher Mrs. Kass would sit us down on the carpet to read to us for an half an hour daily. One day she chose to read a book by Mildred D. Taylor called "Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry." I fell in LOVE with the story and wanted to hear more. So that next day it was library day for our class and I asked Miss. Kass to help me find that book and she not only showed me ROTHMC but the entire series and that is when my love for reading was born.
My Urban Books: What do you think about bookstores closing down? Has any closed down in your area?
Qiana Drennan: I think it’s sad because not everyone is electronically inclined. Or can even afford an e-reader so it’s a disadvantage for some. We have one local bookstore in my area but it’s across town. I do support but since the price of gas has went up it is now cheaper for me to just order from amazon.
My Urban Books: Do you read various genres? And if so why?
Qiana Drennan: Yes. Mark Twain said “An open mind leaves a chance for someone to drop a worthwhile thought in it.” So I try to not limit myself on what I read.
My Urban Books: How has reading changed your life?
Qiana Drennan: Reading has changed my life because most books contain real life situations that I can relate to. I often think about the outcome from a book that I’ve read when the situation is relevant.
My Urban Books: What book has touched your heart?
Qiana Drennan: Bianca: Tell us who did this to you by E. Williams. It’s a very touching story of the life journey of a girl brought up in the Pentecostal Church.
My Urban Books: How do you support authors?
Qiana Drennan: By purchasing their books, advertising on my book club page, word of mouth, and by doing interviews in my book club so other readers can learn about them.
My Urban Books: In your opinion how does self-publish authors novels differ authors who are published with a company?
Qiana Drennan: The biggest difference is the editing. Most self-published books have a lot of mistakes in them. However I will say that self-published authors put more into promoting and reaching out to readers.
My Urban Books: How can the literary world become better?
Qiana Drennan: By authors coming together to help each other. Lately there has been a lot of “Author beef” that is really making the industry look bad. I think that if everyone realizes that everyone has their time to shine and be happy when it’s someone else’s turn things will be better.
My Urban Books: Five years from now do you see yourself reading the same books that you are reading today?
Qiana Drennan: Yes, but I also see myself reading books written and published by myself.
My Urban Books: If books stopped being created and you no longer had access to the books you own what hobby do you see yourself picking up?
Qiana Drennan: I would design earrings. I’m a huge earring junkie, the bigger the better.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Buffalo City Czar by James Scott

BUFFALO CITY CZAR is the story of a young Buffalo City boy that ascends to power and becomes megalomaniacal while a maverick federal team vows to stop him.
     The phone rang, but neither of them had heard it. They were too engrossed in each other to hear anything but the waves of the ocean.
     Mrs. Jones smiled back and raised her glass. They crossed their arms and stared into each other’s eyes.
“For better or worse,” he said to her.
“Until death do us apart.”
     They both downed their glasses of Dom Perignon Oenotheque, and then embraced for a long juicy kiss.
Mr. Jones was the first to break away. “I have something for you.” He was excited, and then said, “Have a seat, I’ll be right back.”
    He hurried to the master bedroom to retrieve his wife’s surprise from his luggage. He tossed the designer suitcase on the bed and unzipped it. That was their last night at the hotel before they left for the Caribbean Islands, so most their clothing had been packed away already.
     Right where he had left it, on top of his clothes sat a rectangular shaped, black suede jewelry box. He proudly smiled, opened the box, and then inspected its contents. Satisfied, he closed the box and began zipping the suitcase when he suddenly remembered the kilo of coke he had ingeniously disguised at the bottom of his luggage. He pushed his clothes aside and quickly grabbed the coke that he had poured into a Johnson and Johnson baby powder container. He popped the cap of the container then expertly stuck his long nailed pinky finger inside of the container. He scooped up a hefty mound of the raw Peruvian flake and deeply inhaled the white powder. Damn, this shit is good, he thought, and then did the same to the other nostril. He almost choked as he was interrupted in the middle of taking another hit.
    “Babe, what’s taking you so long?” The new bride grew impatient and yelled from the living room.
In a strained voice, he answered, “Just hold your horses’ baby. I’ll be there in a second.”

       James Scott was born in Buffalo New York in 1966. He endured the toughest streets, prison, and near death. Through the grace of God, he was given a second chance to relive his life through different circumstances. After enrolling into ITT-Technical school majoring in information technology, James began following his dreams of writing. He hopes to entertain the world with the tales of the dark side. Today, he resides in Atlanta, Georgia a proud father of two of Gods most precious gifts.