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The Dirty Divorce by Miss.KP

The second cover

The Reverand's Wife by Kimberla Lawson Roby

The ninth book to the Curtis Black Series

White Lines 2: Sunny by Tracy Brown

               White Lines 2 release date will be pushed to April 2012. This is what Ms.Brown had to say regarding it coming out later.

"Announcement: Because I LOVE my readers, and didn't want to rush while writing the story... White Lines 2: Sunny will come out in April 2012... a slightly longer wait. Thanks so much for your support! XOXO"

Deceit and Devotion by RM Johnson

      The characters from RM Johnson's The Million Dollar Divorce
                         The Harris Family Comes Together


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Low Down and Dirty By Vickie M Stringer

    Red is back in Vickie M. Stringer's New Novel
                      Low Down and Dirty


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                          ARE YOU READY?


April 24 2012

Karma's a Bitch Review

        Karma is such a bitch that at the end of day you wind up becoming her bitch. To every action there's a reaction so if you throw dirt be prepared to get dirty. In Karma's a Bitch by J.Gail, Tony Jackson was hit my karma on numerous occasions but didn't change his ways until  things got out of hand and a light bulb went off on the top of his head that living as an unemployed, selfish, loud mouth is no way to be.

         Karma's a Bitch is a creative, entertaining novel that takes urban fiction into a different direction. When reading urban fiction I am sure we all can agree that we either read about the glamorous life or life down in the dumps. But when you read Karma's a Bitch you are taken into a part of life which falls in between the rich and the poor known as middle class. The characters each view and lives life differently which makes it possible for readers from all walks of life to relate to the novel. Tony does not live in a big fancy house or wears designer clothes, or has any money for that matter. Instead  he is unemployed and prefers to make a living by mooching off of women including his grandmother,but this is not just about Tony take a walk into the life's of the people closest to him and read how each and everyone of his actions effects the life's of the people he surrounds himself with and how he drags them through the mud right along with him. This is not your typical novel or man so I an guarantee you will enjoy what you read.

        The moment you open this book you're emotions are being stirred, one second your angry, and the next your laughing. This novel hits life itself on the head, it takes you into the male and female psyche. I have heard on several occasions from urban fiction readers that they put the genre down for a second simply because they believe a lot of the books have the same topics and are predictable, but J.Gail's novel does not fit into that category. Yes it is urban fiction, but the storyline and trials and tribulations takes on its own identify. The book was never a bore, never made me want to jump a head or rush through, actually the only time I rushed the reading was while on the train because I wanted to know what happened before getting off.

        This novel does not overwhelm you with certain issues, for example J.Gail keeps you're interest piqued by going into different relationship issues and different struggles from different characters. The author knows when to talk about one character and when to move on to the next. You will not think to yourself whatever happened too etc because they have disappeared for such along time instead they are intertwined so graciously within the writing it's as if they never left but stepped out the room for a second.

       However, the character Jenny I do wish got a little crazier and went to new heights, for me she was that character that could have made the novel explode but instead slowly started to dwindle. Jenny has the makings of a real psycho and I do like my nut cases in my novels lol, that is the only thing I would have changed Jenny would have never stopped, Jenny would have went a little bit further but then again I can respect the route J.Gail went with the character because she did come across as more realistic and less fiction like.

        The ending was a breath of fresh air, down from the last chapter to the last sentence. I am a picky reader, I do not recommend just any book and I look for novels that stick out and have their own voice, so if you want something different, something out of the ordinary pick up Karma's a Bitch because we all know in order for someone to get up they have to get knocked down.

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BRONX, NY 10475
267 7TH AVE
For Barnes & Nobles at Park Slote, online the time is 6pm but the store says 7pm so I recommend going early.

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How did Liberty avoid getting pregnant by Samad? be specifc and what is A'shai's girlfriends name?

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            PAPARAZZI BY MISS.KP WILL BE        
                          RELEASED ON
                      FEBURARY.17 2012

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Look What I Saw


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A Conversation with Miss.KP

       Add one cup of a cheater, two tea spoons of a selfish man, one ounce of an abuser, a pound of kids, and a pinch of a woman fed up and you have yourself a dirty divorce. Miss. KP cooked up a jaw dropping, drama filled, shaking your head because you can't believe what you just read series called the Dirty Divorce. Coming into the game with her first novel The Dirty Divorce Miss.KP kicked the door down and made sure everyone would know her name. So of course I reached out to the woman who was making all this ruckus for an interview.

Brandie: Miss.KP what made you decide to write urban fiction?

Miss.KP:  I was inspired by Sister Souljah's The Coldest Winter Ever and I felt I would touch my people through literature. So many people would never pick up a book, so I felt I could touch them through literature that is relatable. And once I got their attention have them think about the characters choices and what they could've done to have a different outcome. 

Brandie: How long did it take you to write The Dirty Divorce series?

Miss. KP: The series took me a full year with each book taking me around four months.

Brandie: Whats was the hardest and easiest thing about writing the series?

Miss. KP: Nothing was really easy about writing the series because I am very hard on myself and have a competitive spirit. The pressure of keeping each book as good or better than the first was the hardest. I never want to wait any ones time, so I really try hard to produce the best product as possible.

Brandie: I'm sure a lot of people are wondering, why did you decide bring Juan back and not Carlos?

Miss. KP: I felt more readers related to Juan. Women love their sons and that was the character readers were saddest about dying.

Brandie: When you see someone carrying your book what runs through your mind?

Miss.KP: It's surreal. So often I have people call me and say someone didn't believe they knew me when they saw them reading my book. So they'd have them call me to prove it. It's all a blessing and I thank God everyday for this opportunity to live out my dream of being a writer.

Brandie: If you could collaborate with any author who would it be and why?

Miss.KP: Steve Harvey. I have a lot of opinions that I would like to address from a woman's perspective.

Brandie: What was the best advise you ever received pertaining to writing?

Miss.KP: Be a student and learn. My editor brings out the best in me. I don't get so attached to my work that I can't make changes or listen to other ideas that will make my craft even better.

Me: Besides your own novels, what is your favorite urban fiction book?

Miss.KP: I love books by my LCB (Life Changing Books) family. One Night Stand by Kendall Banks, The Available Wife by Carla Pennington, and True to the Game by Teri Woods is a favorite as well.

Brandie: I hear your next novel to be released is Paparazzi. What will this novel be about, what characters can we look forward to meeting, and will it be a series?

Miss.KP: This is a work in progress but will definitely be a series. Kennedi is the main character and is full of drama. Her determination o be on top gets her caught up with all types of chaos. The streets are always watching and once you make it to the top, it's no telling how a buried past can destroy your future. Kennedi has a lot going on and I feel this will be another one the readers will love!

Brandie: Now my famous question, What advice would you give inspiring authors?

Miss.KP: Never give up and no matter how many doors close in your face the right door will open. Remember God gives you opportunities not man. What's for you, is for you.

Brandie: I could not have said it better myself.

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Ashley & Jaquavis Give Away Final Question

Final Question: What is Ashley & Jaquavis's slogan?

Ashley & Jaquavis Give Away Questions 5 & 6

Question 5: What was the song playing in the background of the Murderville book trailer when the girls are in the kitchen? who is the artist?

Question 6: What book is Boss Sparks from?

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November 29, 2011

Evelyn Lozada Deal With Cash Money

Evelyn Lozada
                Evelyn Lozada from the reality show Basketball Wife's has signed a six-figure book and film deal with Cash Money. According to Hollywood.com her books will be fictional and "loosely based off of her life and dating professional athletes." Her novels will eventually make it to the big screen but before any films are made her first novel titled The Wife's Association will be released. Read more about Evelyn's venture into publishing and film in the link below.


Ashley & Jaquavis Give Away Questions 3 & 4

Question 3- Out of all the characters Ashley & Jaquavis created who is Jaquavis favorite?

Question 4- Out of all the characters Ashley & Jaquavis created who us Ashley's favorite?
            For the holidays Zane will be writing a short novel/ebook for Christmas.

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Here are the first two questions asked by Ashley & Jaquavis for their giveaway.

1) What is the name of their first novel?

2) What year was the first time they made the New York Times Bestsellers List?