Monday, January 21, 2013

A Conversation with Rahiem Brooks

      Every author has a story and every writer has their own writing style that will make the world stop dead in their tracks. But the one major factor that is needed is for the world to recognize this talent and learn the author’s name, so readers all around the world I want to introduce you to Rahiem Brooks.

My Urban Books: Tell us who is Rahiem Jerome Brooks?

Rahiem Brooks: Rahiem Brooks is an author, developmental editor, typesetter, book reviewer, publishing consultant, prodigy, and ex-con.

My Urban Books: As a child what did you constantly catch yourself day dreaming about?

Rahiem Brooks: I was not a day dreamer. I was an avaricious student and very eager to sponge knowledge. I don't dream now, I do.

My Urban Books: Growing up what was the worst thing you’ve done and what did you learn from it?

Rahiem Brooks: The worse thing I've done was use my prodigious talents to commit a crime. But now I write crime fiction; ergo, I've turned a negative into a positive.

My Urban Books: What was your most complicated obstacle pertaining to the writing business?

Rahiem Brooks: I have not had many obstacles at all. I came in prepared to head to the top and was patient and willing to get there.

My Urban Books: What do you think is a reasonable price to sell an eBook for?

Rahiem Brooks: I think each E-book has its own stock. I remember I had one book and the price was set at $9.99 and I had one sale for two months. That sale was on my own Kindle. Again, I study Amazon trends, pricing, and rankings. That is a must for Amazon success. I don't have a specific opinion on what a reasonable price is, I do know what I am willing to pay for them.

My Urban Books: What are your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter being used as marketing tool for authors?

Rahiem Brooks: Facebook and Twitter are great marketing tools if used effectively. By that I mean any author or business can send out a multitude of blind ads, but I post every single thing on my page. It's personal for me. My FB and Twitter friends are people that do not like a bunch of commercials. I've watched some of the most successful authors and I have proven that the authors that connect with people as humans and not marketing studies win. I am very familiar with many of my FB friends that I've never met, but they adore what I represent and they support me, promote me, and inform me about events and book stores as my friend, not their advertiser.

My Urban Books: Tell us a little about your first novels cover, what was your goal, what do you hope it portrays?

Rahiem Brooks: Laugh Now my debut novel set the tone for my covers that are inspired by movie posters. I like clean covers that will typically be seen in subway billboards. I'm lost when I see covers with unreadable cursive text and a gazillion graphics. Less is more to me. I study blockbuster authors to build my platform and career. It's working.

My Urban Books: Which of your novels is your most well thought out and best written in your opinion?

Rahiem Brooks: I would say that Murder in Germantown is my best novel, because all of the different writing techniques that I learned from writing seminars and classes was employed. However, Con Test is very intricate like any great suspense thriller. Skipping a page or missing a plot point will have you going backwards.

My Urban Books: Are you working on anything at the moment? If so can you tell us a little bit about it?

Rahiem Brooks: I am working on the final installment of my Bezel Brother series (Laugh Now & Die Later). Right now, the brain of the two is in jail and DEA Agent McKenzey has escaped from federal prison and killed the man that helped him. He's now on the loose and needs to be contained, or not. I'm having fun with this one.

My Urban Books: Would you ever ghost writer?

Rahiem Brooks: I don't think I'd ghost write. Unless of course I had a huge stake in the earnings.

My Urban Books: What advice would you give aspiring authors?

Rahiem Brooks:  No author is an island. I have the Triplets, a trio formed with Envy Red (Jaded), Kristofer Clark (Second Thoughts), and myself. We came out near the same time and joined forces. We share book fair prices. Toss ideas around. Share the loads I work by proofreading, and plot building. We all have our own companies, but we are each staff of each other's companies.


  1. Great questions. They made the interview very interesting. I love the answers Raheim. It's easy to see the passion and dedication you have for your talent. The idea of having a team for writing is ideal. Should make for a good way to keep you focused and on track. I've taken heed if how how use FB and totally agree.

  2. Great Interview. I own Laugh Now and First Laugh. Looking forward to getting into them. Always interesting to get author's opinions on eBook pricing. Raymond Francis #TBRS

  3. Very well articulated, it reinforces my initial meet with you. Your are definitely a gifted and talented individual that i now have the pleasure of working with. Wish you much success.