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Ashley and Jaquavis Give Away

Jaquavis & Ashley
              Starting tomorrow 10/31/2011 A&J will post one question for seven days. Once the seven days have passed you must submit your answers to them via facebook message. The first five correct submissions will receive a gift basket and the first one hundred correct submissions will receive books. Ashley and Jaquavis are trying to tell their fans thank you, I don't know about yall but I'm participating!

               Participate by following them on their facebook pages The Writers Block- Ashley & Jaquavis Books and Authors Ashley Jaquavis. 

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A Conversation with Traci Bee

        Whenever I used to hear the phrase "Two Tears in a Bucket" I would follow it by saying "fuck it". But now when I hear someone say that phrase I think of Traci Bee's novel and its sequel Another Tear. Sometimes it's not about what life throws at you but how you handle it. No matter what happens you have to fight, you can't just lie down and die because once you do that's when you lose. So take a page from Simone's book and handle your business all while saying "Two Tears in a Bucket." Welcome to my conversation with Traci Bee.

Brandie: How did you come up with the story line for Two Tears in a Bucket? How did you get the idea?

Traci Bee: Two Tears in a Bucket is loosely based on some personal   experiences that I embellished into fiction.

Brandie: The relationship between Simone and her parents are very important parts in the novel, how is your relationship with your parents?

Traci Bee: I have always been and will always be a daddy's girl. My dad was my absolute everything. He died nine years ago the very way Thomas died in Two Tears in a Bucket. In all actuality, Thomas was created in my father's likeness. His jovial personality, quick wit, southern charm were all attributes of my dad. The bond Simone and her dad shared is identical to the bond my dad and I shared. My mom and I are also close. She's one of my best friends.

Brandie: Who was your inspiration for creating Simone? Does she represent someone in real life?

Traci Bee: Simone is a mixture of several women that I know, myself included.

Brandie: When did you know that you wanted to write? Why do you write?

Traci Bee: Writing has always been an escape. It's one of the rare times that my imagination can soar freely and morals and rules that tend to dictate our everyday life are tossed to the side. I can escape to my own little world where I can entertain myself and be in control of absolutely everything.

Brandie: What was your fear when writing your books?

Traci Bee: Believe it or not, I didn't have any fears. I was doing what I enjoyed. When the book was finished, I was too excited. Fear was never a factor.

Brandie: Will there be a part 3 to the series Two Tears in a Bucket? If so do you have a name already picked out?

Traci Bee: Yes, there will be one more - The Final Tear. No release date in mind yet.

Brandie: What other books will you write outside of the Two Tears series? What characters can we expect to meet? Are they anything like Simone and Kevin?

Traci Bee: In between writing the Two Tears in a Bucket series, I've been toying with another title, A Nickel for a Kiss. Now that Another Tear is done, A Nickel For A Kiss is burning holes in my fingers. My grandmother use to say, the worst beating in life is the one we give ourselves. A Nickel for a Kiss is Ginger Montgomery's twisted tale of karma. It reiterates two things that we've all been told countless time: know your self-worth and the grass isn't always greener. Its unreal the way karma comes back to haunt Ginger.

Brandie: If there's one thing you can change about your books Two Tears in a Bucket and Another Tear what would it be?

Traci Bee: If I could change one thing it would be the creation process, I would pen the entire story, all three parts, and release them six months apart from each other. When I was writing Two Tears in a Bucket, I never planned to continue the story. But when it was all said and done, my writing coach asked me, "So what happens with Felicia? The readers will want to know." Needless to say, that sparked the second book. The fact that Felicia wouldn't die sparked the third. I tried to kill her but the details were always off and it never really flowed. It read like it had been forced. I'm not saying that she will die in the third, but something will happen to her. She can't run from justice forever.

Brandie: What is the best thing about being an author?

Traci Bee: The love from the readers is so unreal. I get teary- eyed.  The readers are truly amazing. To know that someone actually took the time to read my work when there are so many others to choose is one thing in itself. It's very humbling. When I write, I'm writing to my entertainment first. Then to know that someone else was entertained by it as well makes it all seem surreal.

Brandie: What advice would you give aspiring authors?

Traci Bee: Write! Don't worry about the order of the story or the grammar yet- just write! you can get a critique and edit later. And never delete what you write, even if you're changing the story around and feel you won't need it. DO NOT DELETE IT. Cut and paste those scraps into a document. I have a scene that was deleted from Two Tears in a Bucket that fits into a Final Tear perfectly! I was about to cut and paste it right from my scraps.  

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The Flint Saga

 The Flint series parts 1-7  by Treasure Hernandez is now combinded into one book called The Flint Saga.

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Wahida Clarks Young Adult Book Line

             As of early 2011 Wahida Clark has started a Young Adult book line whose target audience is young adults between the ages of 14-18.  The first book to drop under the line is Under Pressure by Rashawn Hughes. Other novels under the line includes The Boy is Mine by Charmaine White and Ninety-Nine Problems by Gloria Dotson - Lewis which will be released shortly. To learn more about Wahida Clark's Young Adult line click the link below.

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A Conversation with Jacqueline McDuffie

The Urban Dictionary definition of a Diamond in the Rough:

1)Someone who has hidden exceptional characteristics and/ or future potential, but currently lacks the final touches that would make them truly stand out from the crow. 2) A person who appears dubious at first but turns out to be exceptional. 3) Someone who falls into unfortunate circumstances but works to better themselves.

             When urban fiction authors write it's mainly because they have a story to tell. It's an outlet given to them simply by pressing the keys on a keyboard or scribbling a pen against paper, It's another form of art, Painters have their paint brush and writers have their pen, at the end of the day master pieces are made which are bound to grace walls and bookshelves, There are many forms of art, many pictures, book, sculptures, and jewels. But sometimes you stumble amongst that one special jewel, the one which outshines the rest and comes around once in a blue moon, a diamond in the rough.

             Jacqueline McDuffie is the author of A Diamond in the Rough, a novel based on her life and Betrayal of Love. After deciding to pick her brain I reached out to her and asked for an interview, this is our conversation.

Brandie: Ms.McDuffie what made you become an author?

Jacqueline McDuffie: I used to want to be a rapper, but after rhyming for kids at school, going to the studio and being on stage at block parties I never pursued it. I grew up in the projects of DC North East and I remember struggling. At the age of 15 I became a grown woman once I came out pregnant with my first child It was then I knew I had a story to tell. Losing his father in the streets I began writing in my diary. Years later I has my second child and was in an abusive relationship, it was when the relationship ended I began writing my first novel A Diamond in the Rough.
Brandie: What would you say is the hardest thing about being an author?

Jacqueline McDuffie: The hardest thing about being an author is your competitors and trying to write what folks can relate too.

Brandie: Are you currently working on a new novel?

Jacqueline McDuffie: Yes, I am currently working on an erotica story called $UGAR WALLZ, another urban fiction novel that will be released early 2012.

Brandie: How many books would you like to write during your career? Have you thought of a number?

Jacqueline McDuffie: Yes! my goal is write one book every year to keep my readers entertained. I never really thought about a number because I like to write novels that will have you on the edge of your seat. I don't recommend for authors to write books, after books when they aren't good reads and are only done to make a profit, You really have to have your heart and passion from the pen to the pad.

Brandie: What advice would you give inspiring writers?

Jacqueline McDuffie: My advice to anyone who is trying to pursue their dreams is to never give up, never show weakness and keep your mind set on your goals. If you have a story to tell get it out there and never worry about what people say or think about you. Your testimony can either help or save another. Pray, keep God and your family first. Patience is a virtue. Always know that all of us have some kind of gift inside of us whether we know it or not. What you are epecting is already expecting you. The dream is real.

Brandie: What writers in the game do you admire and why?

Jacqueline McDuffie: Zane is my role model, I love erotica books.

Brandie: What do you hope to accomplish?

Jacqueline McDuffie: I hope to one day work with Tyler Perry and become a successful entrepreneur.

Brandie: What message do you want your books to give?

Jacqueline McDuffie: A positive but real straight to the point message. My urban tales which I call "Tales from the Hood" is what men and women can relate too. My stories are deep, pleasurable, yet enjoyable.

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Rozalyn by Shan

         I had the pleasure of reading the first five chapters from the novel Rozalyn by Shan and I must say that it was an interesting read. This author is very descriptive in her novel which comes in handy when learning the life's, and personality traits of each character. She puts you into the mind of her characters, giving you front row seats as to why they are doing the things their doing. One of the things I really appreciated about this novel were the issues that revolved around family, I found it to be creative and attention catching. That was the first thing to draw me into the story, the relationship between Rozalyn and her parents.

        This novel has not been released yet, so I can only speak on the first five chapters that I was able to get my hands on. Rozalyn has originality embedded into it, it includes an aspect that urban fiction novels I've read has not touched upon, and that is the female virginity and the conscience decision to keep it.  I remember thinking five chapters, why is the author allowing so many to be read? why not only two? but now I know why, by her allowing me to read only the first five I was able to get know the characters and understand the seriousness of their situations. Chapter five was a cliff hanger; it left me wanting to witness the chaos that I know will take place past the chapters I've read. If I am guessing correct drama will occur from every corner of the book, characters who you thought held no importance will prove to be grimy and an addition to the drama.

         Rozalyn is the first novel released by Shan and it proves to be drama filled, with characters out for self who refuses to lose. I predict jealousy, competition, anger, pain, and the ultimate revenge brewing in this novel. So if you know like I do you'll get your copy the moment they hit bookshelves.

              **Rozalyn will be released in paperback on 11/11/11 and on Kindle and Nook 11/21/11**

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Who says women are suger, and spice and everything nice?

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Prada Plan 3 in 2012

        Prada Plan 3 by Ashley Antoinette will not be released until 2012. But don't let that get you down! Guilty Gucci will be out in Janurary 2012 and The Dopeman 3 in April 2012.