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The Reader's Voice Sequels & Seires

                 When it comes to urban fiction there are plenty of series being created that has readers begging for more and running to the nearest book store. Not to mention I bet Amazon is making a killing off their urban fiction sales because any book worm knows Amazon is the place to go when wanting a urban fiction read. Although readers love their series and authors love to write them one can't but help to to ask certain questions pertaining to this phenomenon such as, how many books in a series are to much? and how long should a reader have to wait when waiting for a sequel? And that's exactly what I asked reader's in this months editions of The Reader's Voice Sequels & Series to spill the beans and tell me what hey think. And these reader's did just that, they didn't hold back.

                In the world of literature today series now go past your average three book mark. Authors such as Deja Joy King, Wahida Clark, and Kiki Swinson are taking series farther and allowing their reader's to take a seat and get a chance to the know the characters they either love or love to hate. And although some reader's prefer for series not to go past three books, readers are still accepting of these large quantity of books and are not going to stop reading.  Leilani Brown,18, says she believes a series should consist of three books at most with the exception of  the Thug Series written by Wahida Clark who just released it's fifth part to the series Justify my Thug. "My favorite urban fiction series is the Thug Series even though it surpasses by three book maximum rule" Brown says. Yet their are reader's who are fine with books who surpass three novels. Tajauna Jackson, 39, says a series should consist of at least four-five novels.

              But their are concerns reader's have when books go past a trilogy and that is the time line set for it's next installment to release. Preschool teacher and mother of two, Sandy Thebookconnoisseur Barrett Sims says "I prefer that a series end after the third book. Sometimes when there are too many books in a series, the reader tends to lose focus on what the original story was about. I especially dislike when the parts are spread out to be released years apart." Reader's also has set in their mind when they believe the next book in a series should be released. Sims says she thinks a sequel should follow no later than six months to a year. While Jackson believes it should be three-six months and Brown says " I personality hate the wait for follow-up books and believe the wait should be approximately four months."

              When writing series reader's will like for authors to keep in mind that for a series to be a hit and for reader's to remain excited about their next release they must  "keep true to the original storyline and remain focus on those characters that made the story stand out" Sims says. Brown states the release of the following book should be within a certain time frame or readers will forget all about the first book. And to also give a complete explanation as to what took place in the first book so readers will not be lost and memories are refreshed. And to have a series be successful Jackson says a author should stay true the characters they creates and to keep many twist in their novels, its all about excitement.

             With so many novels now turning series you can't help but to wonder which do reader's prefer a stand alone novel or a series? well lets ask the experts. " I fall in love with characters so a series is defiantly for me" Jackson proudly states. And being the book lover that she is Sims tells My Urban Books "Either is fine with me. As long as the book grabs my attention, keeps it and makes all my emotions come alive." But on this question Brown sided with Jackson and said she loves her series it gives her something to look forward too. With all the hype series has stirred are stand alone books a thing of the past? will we start to see less and less stand alone and more series? "no not at all" Brown says. Sims voiced her opinion by saying "No I still think stand alone books still hold an important position in the literary world. A lot of times stand alone books are better (in my opinion). You get to read the beginning of the story and there's no waiting for a conclusion. You get the whole kit and caboodle in one reading! lol!."

            Urban Fiction authors comes with fire when they write series so when reader's were asked what series they believe should be crowned the best of urban fiction these ladies told me The Cartel series by Ashley & Jaquavis books, The Thug series by Wahida Clark and they couldn't forget  Nikki Turner and Nisa Santiago series of books. And how could a disagree? these authors are vicious with a pen.

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Boosters by Sabrina A. Eubanks

April 2012
Are KS and Ollie Congrats!

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Deja King talks Mafia Princess

               Deja King talks Mafia Princess on Mack Mama's blog talk radio check it out.

Deja King & Michelle Monay

           These last couple of days a lot of things has been taking place concerning Deja King releasing Mafia Princess 3 without Michelle Monay. Both women said what they had to say on their facebook accounts concerning the issue and Deja even released the email that transpired between her and Michelle check it out.


Boss Bitch Swag by Cynthia White Book Trailer

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A Conversation with Miasha

          Welcome to the world of  urban lit where secrets can be deadly and when the heart is involved common sense is thrown out the window. A world which is cold and shady and no one is who they seem to be. Where money talks and revenge is in everyone ones DNA. Where there's more tears than smiles and drama is around every corner. Welcome and take a ride down Miasha Avenue, author of Secret Society, Never Enough, Til Death, Diary of a Mistress, Chaser, Sistah for Sale, When the Cake is Made, Mommies Angel, and The Return of Chatman and find out why her books keeps bookstores in business.

Brandie: Tell us, how has writing improved your life?

Miasha: From the beginning, writing has given me a sense of freedom and a way to cope with life issues. That in itself has improved my life considering, many people turn to drugs and alcohol in times of duress and emptiness. Writing was my escape. And even now, it has offered me the opportunity to escape.
Brandie: Who is your hero or shero?

Miasha: I have a few. My grandmother, who is now deceased, would have to be my first shero. My aunt is my second, my husband and sons are tied for third and a host of severely inspirational women and men to follow includes Maya Angelou, Omar Tyree, Karen E. Quinones Miller, Oprah Winfrey and Jay-Z to name a few.

Brandie: If you weren't writing what would you be doing?

Miasha: Well I planned to find a job in Advertising Copy writing post-college so maybe I'd be in a cubicle at a large Advertising firm penning copy for some famous brands. But that's writing isn't it? Well what can I say, writing is my passion so I have to guess that's what I'd be doing regardless if I were a published author or not.

Brandie: Secret Society is what I call an original jaw dropper, so tell us how did you come up with it's theme?

Miasha: Thank you. I will say, I love that book and I am so glad it was my first. The theme came about after I wrote the first page. It was a description of some very hard consequences that made me ask myself the question, "What would make a man do this to a woman?" Then like magic, the concept popped into my head. I had to run with it. It was just too good.

Brandie: Was it hard for you to kill off Tina? Because I have to be honest I still can't believe you killed her lol.

Miasha: You know what, I can't believe I kill many of my characters. I'm good for that -unfortunately. But for some reason it's not hard- or at least no until after it;s already done. I just let my fingers roam across the keyboard and whatever happens, happens. The stories ten to take on lives of their ow. I'm just the vehicle to get them out.

Brandie: Which one of you novels have you noticed fans give the most love too?

Miasha: Diary of a Mistress. Although I am very fortunate to have a strong, consistent fan base who have shown mt so much love from my first book to my latest.

Brandie: What characteristic must each of your characters possess?

Miasha: I can't say that's something I've ever really given thought to. But one thing about my characters that I've been told makes them lovable and relate able is that they are complex. They aren't just one thing or another. They are a mix of emotions, behaviors, and attitudes, thus making them realistic.

Brandie: Is there anything you will like to change about your writing style?

Miasha: I would like to write longer stories. Or maybe not. Because truthfully I get bored quickly and drawn out stories ten to turn me away. However, I know avid readers love them a thick book. So for the sake of my fans I would like to tackle that's at least once.

Brandie: What novel can we expect from you next? Do you have a name picked out?

Miasha: I'm working on one of the sequels to When the Cake is Made. It's titled Devil's Food and it will be Leslie's story following When the Cake is Made.

Brandie: What advice would you give aspiring authors?

Miasha: Do your research, be the best at what you do, do not take no for an answer, and ultimately, don't dream your life, live your dreams! 

Brandie: Yall got that?

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Congratulations Natasha Saez for winning the ebook The Family Business by Carl Weber & Eric Pete

Friday, March 2, 2012


                 Whoever gets all or most of these multiple questions right first will win the kindle book the Family Business by Carl Weber & Eric Pete. Hit the comment botton in order to post your answers.

Question #1
Who is my favorite author(s)?
A) T.Styles
B) Ashley & Jaquavis
C) Traci Bee

Question #2
What books will My Urban Books Club discuss this month?
A)The Stalker Chronicles, Hard Candy 2, and Boss Bitch
B)Married to Ben Frank, The Stalker Chronicles, and The Family Business
C)Coca Kola, Married to Ben Frank, and The Stalker Chronicles

Question #3
What authors interview did I do is on Read or
B)Amaleka McCall