Monday, July 16, 2012

A Conversation With Fabiola Joseph

       Writing is an art and Fabiola Joseph is armed with a pen ready to bring tears, laughter, shock and suspense all to her readers. Theres a method to this craft and in order to accomplish and succeed in the literary world you must come equipped with originality and when Fabiola pens a novel it's a story in it's own league, fiction so realistic you'll forget you were reading it off the pages of a paperback. Step into the mind of Fabiola Joseph.

My Urban Books: Fabiola, tell us who Fabiola the person is.

Fabiola Joseph: Fabiola Joseph the person is mysterious (lol). I am hard to figure out. I am a lover of fine things, a lover of the arts, and a lover of free spirits. I think without boundaries, I love without limits, I am an open soul, and I think that rules are meant to be broken. I love music, often allowing it to take over me. I don't even have to understand the words, the beat, the way the language is spoken, the mood of the song can place me right where I need to be. I can be very difficult, moody, and aloof even. I push limits and at times need control.. only to brake free and rebel. I at times can't understand myself but still, I fight to make others understand what I cannot.. as any true writer should.

My Urban Books: When did you know you wanted to write?

Fabiola Joseph: I knew I wanted to be a writer as soon as I picked up three books. Whoreson by Donald Goines, Disappearing Act by Terry McMillan, and Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree. I must have read those books maybe eight, nine times each that year.I guess I was so captivated by them because before those books, I really didn't think of myself as much of a reader, but my eight grade year that changed. As soon as I read those books I knew I wanted to do what those books did to me, to other people. They pulled me in, allowed me to surrender myself to their world, and they kept me there until the very last word. I was those characters. I felt their pain, smiled for their happiness, and became angry when something went wrong. I wanted that power, and I knew that I could achieve it with a pen.

My Urban Books: As a writer how do you challenge yourself?

Fabiola Joseph: I challenge myself by striving to stay fresh, as far as ideas, that is. As I like to say, I want to be the difference in what you read yesterday, and what you will get when you read a Fabiola Joseph novel. Pushing myself to think outside of the box isn't easy but it is so rewarding. That's the biggest challenge I face. MAKING IT MY OWN, but it is also the most fun part of it!

My Urban Books: What do you plan to accomplish as a writer?

Fabiola Joseph: As a writer, my accomplishments are measured by the honesty I place in my writing, by the devotion I feel as the days get longer and the nights get lonelier, and by the sheer need to express myself through words. We all want to write a book that flies off the shelves, but we should also want to write a book that will withstand the test of time. Something different, something that will leave imprints in people's minds. I want to always be different, different, but great!

My Urban Books: What is one thing you will like to change about The Art of Deceit? 

Fabiola Joseph: The killing of one of the female characters. I think that she would have made an interesting read for part two. I could see her coming back with a vengeance.

My Urban Books: Your characters Tangie from The Art of Deceit and Jazzy from Porn Stars, we all can agree are very different, but tell us how are they similar?

Fabiola Joseph: I love this question, never got this one before. I think that they both have a lost little girl inside of them. I also feel that the lack of love formed them into the characters that you have read about. Last but certainly not less important is that they both are fighting addictions. Tangie's addiction being sex and Jazzy's addiction being the presence of a man.

My Urban Books: You're coming out with a book called Rebel's Domain; care to tell us a little about it?

Fabiola Joseph: Rebel's Domain is in a league of it's own as far as my previous work. It is dark, and action packed. You will be at the edge of your seat as you navigate through the pages. Scarlett is a killer, a thief and a rebel without a cause. She is danger, wrapped in a pretty little 15 year old body. 

My Urban Books: When can we expect The Art of Deceit part 2? and do I see a part three in the future?

Fabiola Joseph: The Art of Deceit 2 will be out after Rebel's Domain, and yes there will be a part 3, the finally.

My Urban Books: Why is Porn Stars a must read? What does it have that other novels don't?

Fabiola Joseph: Porn Stars...More Than Just Moans is a must read because I don't think that there's anything like it out right now. The story is beautifully written by myself and my co-author Matthew Ramsey. We took our time with that one. Starting off the book with two porn stars tied to a chair, and you reliving that last year of their lives as they tell the story of how they meet this fate. The sex scenes are on point, the emotion spills off of the pages, and the writing, in my opinion, is top-notch. We offer the straight POV as well as the gay. We really kept characters human and unmasked all of porn stars lifestyle bullshit. Beyond the lens, they really re much more than just moans!

My Urban Books: Do you believe life imitates art or art imitates life?

Fabiola Joseph: I think that it is a two way street. Art imitates life for me because I write what I have lived, what I have seen, what I have felt, tasted, and where I have been. I or the people around me imitate art with every breath that we breathe. Life imitates art in my opinion because life in itself is an art form!

My Urban Books: What ingredients in your opinion makes up a good author?

Fabiola Joseph: Drive, perseverance in the face of roadblocks. I believe that a true author is a gifted author. A vivid imagination and no limitations. Also courage because you must be unafraid to touch on issues others may shy away from.

My Urban Books: What are the top three things you believe authors should know?

Fabiola Joseph: One, the business you're trying to flourish in. The only way to conquer it is to dissect it. Two, everyone will not like your book. It hurts like hell, but you should always want an honest review. Three, don't follow a fad. Step out, dare to be different!

My Urban Books: What advise would you give aspiring authors?

Fabiola Joseph: Stay true to your gift. Weaving a well written story is not easy. Stand your ground and refuse to crumble at the feet of what some may call "Normal." Write what is in your heart.. and the rest will follow.

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