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Fancy 2 by Vanna B.


A Conversation With Kwame Teague

         I have two words for you, Dutch and Dynasty.  These two novels are urban fictions deadly D’s because they killed the genre with their catchy storylines and entertaining characters all while bumping the genre up a notch which resulted in the writing game never being the same. Writing is far from easy but Kwame Teague makes it look like a walk in the park when he pens his novels. So who is Kwame Teague? The person responsible for getting readers hooked to his novels? Continue reading and find out.

My Urban Books: How was life as a child? What have you done as a kid that you still do today?

Kwame Teague: Life as a child was pretty unremarkable. I was fortunate enough to have both parents. I remember spending all my time wishing I was grown and I still do the same wishing, except now it’s that I wish I was a kid.

My Urban Books: Growing up what did you want to be?

Kwame Teague: Alive! Even though I had a secure household, growing up in Newark in the 80’s made you think about death a lot, the good side is it made you take more risks, good and bad; it’s the hood twist on Plato’s unexamined life.

My Urban Books: What do you hope to change in urban fiction?

Kwame Teague: I don’t know, I wouldn’t say change, I guess leave my mark would be a better way of putting it. But what I want to leave my mark on is the structure of urban fiction. We as a whole should be on top of the world, we being me, Teri Woods, Wahida Clark, Al-Saadiq Banks and DC Bookdiva. We should’ve come together, pooled our resources and put our money behind one book and made it into a movie. That would’ve got the ball rolling for everyone. But we missed the opportunity. Will it come again? The bigger question is would we come together if it did?

My Urban Books: Is there a character you wish to revamp?

Kwame Teague: No.

My Urban Books: Who was the first to read Dynasty and what did they have to say about it?

Kwame Teague: DC Bookdiva! She was so happy…on the real she loved it!

My Urban Books: In three words describe Kwame Teague and in three words describe Dutch.

Kwame Teague: Kwame…too fuckin arrogant! Dutch…just a thought.

My Urban Books: What is a bad habit of yours once it comes to writing?

Kwame Teague: My bad habit is I don’t do rewrites, I should but I don’t. I freelance every book, it feels more authentic that way.

My Urban Books: Dynasty 3 will be releasing soon, care to tell me what we can expect and who will bring the drama?

Kwame Teague: As for Dynasty 3, expect fire! I take you into Tito’s life as a back story, bring in a new character and eliminate old ones.

My Urban Books: If you could build a team of the best urban fiction characters of all time who would they be?

Kwame Teague: They wouldn’t be characters, they would be writers! Al-Saadiq Banks, that’s my man, Wahida Clark, K’Wan, Shannon Holmes and my brother Eyone!

My Urban Books: Do you have an idea for a future release after Dynasty 3? If so do you have a title?

Kwame Teague: Yeah, a future release called, me…Free Kwame Teague! I’m not working on a book, I’m working on developing a network of  incarcerated brothers and sisters across the country who is tired of being the problem and are ready to be the solution. We will bring together our ideas, resources and talent in order to come up with solutions to uplift and empower our community. If you have a loved one incarcerated and you think they’d be interested get at me through my Facebook page.

My Urban Books: Have you ever considered writing an e-book series?

Kwame Teague: Yes.

My Urban Books: What advice would you give aspiring authors?

Kwame Teague: For aspiring anybody the mind is powerful…think and always stay true to your beliefs, work hard, never give up on your dreams and you will be heard.

The choosen cover for Wahida Clark's Honor Thy Thug


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A Conversation with Monica Mathis-Stowe

        If you ask me cover designs and titles are what determine whether a reader will give a novel a second look or not. So when Monica Mathis-Stowe's novel Where Did We Go Wrong made its appearance on my Facebook page its catchy title and hot pink cover immediately caught my attention and screamed originality. Any author who has a cover as clean cut as this must take a seat with My Urban Books and spill their guts, so ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you, Monica Mathis-Stowe. So it was a given in My Urban Books would have Monica Mathis-Stowe, the author behind this attention demanding cover have a seat and spill her guts.

My Urban Books: As a teenager what role did you play with your friends? Were you the comical one, the mama friend? What?

Monica Mathis-Stowe: As a teenager, I was always the serious studious type. The bookworm of the group who preferred to stay in the house and read a good book as opposed to hanging out with friends. When I did go out with my friends, I took on the mama role because I’m the oldest child and always felt like it was my responsibility to lead my friends, whether they wanted me to or not.

My Urban Books: Where Did We Go Wrong is based on three friends, so tell us a little bit about your friends.

Monica Mathis-Stowe: My friends are nothing like the characters I write about. Maxine, Joy and Gabby are all created from my imagination and had way too much drama in their lives. My girlfriends, on the other hand, are busy working mothers who are involved in their children’s activities. They’re too busy balancing their careers and family while trying to carve out a little ‘Me Time’ for themselves to deal with too much drama. My girlfriends don’t have time for anything that will cause them more stress in their lives.

My Urban Books: What ingredients would you say makes up for a toxic friendship?

Monica Mathis-Stowe: A so-called friend who is selfish, competitive and not available when you’re going through a difficult time makes up a toxic friendship. Someone who takes from you, but never gives back is selfish. Someone who tries to match your purchases and style is competing with you and will always try to outdo you so stay away from them. And if you’re always available when a friend needs you, but that same person is not available when you need them, stop making yourself available because that friendship is off balance and will never be equal.

My Urban Books: What was the first thing you learned about the literary world?

Monica Mathis-Stowe: You will create a love/hate relationship with your editor, but it will make your book better and help you develop a tough skin.

My Urban Books: You will soon be releasing Where Did We Go Wrong Again?  What about this novel makes it better than part one?

Monica Mathis-Stowe: Where Did We Go Wrong Again? Picks up immediately after Where Did We Go Wrong? ended. The first chapter reveals who was shot. Being held hostage by Joy’s deranged husband, Dean, made the characters do things they wouldn’t necessarily do. Their friendships are tested and strained. There are several topics in the book that I want readers to think about. Would you forgive a man you love who cheated on you? Would you reunite with your abusive husband even when your family and friends disagree with your decision? Is good sex enough to make you lower your standards and forget a man’s criminal background and his wife? These are just a few of the issues Gabby, Joy and Maxine deal with in the sequel.

 I’m apprehensive about saying anything about the sequel being better than part one. If it weren’t for my wonderful editors, I would probably still be working on Where Did We Go Wrong? Because I’m always trying to make my story better. I never feel confident about my work. I haven’t gotten to that point yet and always feel as if I could do better. I’ll let the readers decide.

My Urban Books: What novel can we expect from you after Where Did We Go Wrong Again? Do you have a name picked out?

Monica Mathis-Stowe: I have two novels in the works, The Firefighters’ Wives and Someday We’ll Be Together. My children’s book series will release in mid-2013 as well.

My Urban Books: Do you remember what the first person who didn’t like your novel said?

Monica Mathis-Stowe: Yes, a publisher told me that my novel was boring because it didn’t have the typical drug dealer love story, stripper turned good, and street theme that so many African American novels have today. Where Did We Go Wrong? Has been number one on Amazon’s African American Drama category for the past couple of months which goes to show you that not all African Americans want to read what that publisher was producing.

My Urban Books: What author has been the most supportive of your work?

Monica Mathis-Stowe: Azarel of Life Changing Books has been a tremendous support to me. I wouldn’t be a published author without her help and support.

My Urban Books: What advice would you give aspiring authors?

Monica Mathis-Stowe: Have your work professionally edited before you publish it. Don’t give up on your dream of publishing your novel. Editors and reviewers can be harsh, but truthful. Negative feedback will sting and hurt your ego, but listen and learn. Use it to make your work better. The last thing you want to do is publish your book without having a marketing plan. Even if you write a terrific novel, readers aren’t going to flock to your work. You have to create a marketing plan to get your book in reader’s hands.

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A Deeper Love Inside by Sister Souljah

The Sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever

At last, mega-bestselling author Sister Souljah delivers the stunning sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever. Fierce, raw, and filled with adventure and emotional intensity, A Deeper Love Inside is an unforgettable coming-of-age story in the words of Porsche Santiaga, Winter’s younger sister.

Sharp-tongued, quick-witted Porsche worships her sister Winter. Cut from the same cloth as her father, Ricky Santiaga, Porsche is also a natural-born hustler. Passionate and loyal to the extreme, she refuses to accept her new life in group homes, foster care, and juvenile detention after her family is torn apart.
Porsche—unique, young, and beautiful—cries as much as she fights and uses whatever she has to reclaim her status. Unselfish, she pushes to get back everything that ever belonged to her wealthy, loving family.

In A Deeper Love Inside, readers will encounter their favorite characters from The Coldest Winter Ever, including Winter and Midnight. Sister Souljah’s soulful writing will again move your heart and open your eyes to a shocking reality.

The Treasure Blue Book Line Up

 Fly Betty- 2/5/2013
Little Bad Girl 3- 2013
Cougar's Candy 2013
A Girl Called It: A Harlem Girl Lost Story 2013
The Battered Wives Club: The day the sheep became wolves 2013

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Deadly Phine by Darrell King

Ripped from the headlines! Stories detailing the horrendous nocturnal activities of sexual predators from St.Louis's infamous "Bossman "McGhee and New York's Nushawn Williams to the disturbing You Tube viral video rantings of the self proclaimed "Trashman". The threat of an HIV positive individual purposely infecting scores of unsuspecting women is unfortunately a very real and present danger.
Ebook Cover


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Hoeism by English Ruler book release and signing party.

     Come out to the book release and signing party for Hoeism: Born To Do It
 by English Ruler on Saturday 12/8/2012 from 5pm-10pm at Mystique Bar & Lounge 3855 Bronxwood Ave, Bronx, NY (Bet. 221 st & 222 nd Sts )

The Perfect Marriage by Kimberla Lawson Roby


Pocket Full Of Game by Sexy Contest

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Fornication Volume 3 and Strawberry Mansion 4 by Julia Press Simmons

December 2012
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He Don't Play Fair by Clifford "Spud" Johnson

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