Friday, January 25, 2013

A Conversation with Jai'Nicole

     There is a new wave of authors coming ashore and their bringing with them to the new world a universe of stories which are waiting to be told. These authors have a fresh voice and as I watched them depart from the boat labeled “Fresh Pens” I noticed Jai’Nicole was amongst the crowd. She had an aura which screamed stardom! So I grabbed my notepad and pen and headed her way. “Hello Jai’Nicole, I am My Urban Books and I would like to interview you,” with my pen touching my pad I anticipated her answer. She then turned to me and said ………..

My Urban Books: What is your fondest memory as a child? 

Jai’ Nicole: My father is a truck driver, so frequently we (me, my sister, and mother) would ride with him. Our favorite destination being California, especially to see the huge Cabazon Dinosaurs. I will never forget how fun and amazing that was for myself.

My Urban Books: What was your nick name growing up?

Jai’Nicole: I actually never had one. LOL My real name (Jamie) was short and simple enough that I never got that privilege.

My Urban Books: You discovered your talent for writing when you were assigned to write a short story for school, what was your story about?

Jai’ Nicole: My memory is a little fuzzy but I believe it was about bears at a picnic. I was in the third grade and made the lead character my favorite teddy bear at the time. LOL

My Urban Books: At one point you stopped writing for nearly ten years, during that time did writing cross your mind? Did you miss it and yearn to dabble in it once again?

Jai’Nicole: I felt that becoming an actual author would be nearly impossible—especially after researching how “hard” it was to actually land a publishing deal, so I had actually brushed the thought of becoming an author to the side. I still, however, loved to read and as long as I could do that, I was happy. I didn’t get the desire to start back writing again until I worked at Borders in 2008. I wrote a bit during my pregnancy, but after my son was born, it was put on the backburner again. Now at that time I really did miss writing and tried to write whenever I got a spare moment, whether it is late at night or bringing a notebook to my job during my lunch break.

My Urban Books: Why write urban fiction? Did you always aim to write in this genre?

Jai’Nicole: What I first initially wanted to write was family saga/gothic horror like one of my favorite authors, V.C. Andrews, but after I got my hands on ‘The Coldest Winter Ever’ and ‘Flyy Girl’ I wanted to write in that genre. It interested me because it was different from anything I ever read. It was so real and raw, and while my life growing up was nothing close to comparable to those books, I had friends and boyfriends that lived that way. I drew off their experiences and my own imagination to create my books.

My Urban Books: Do you find yourself comparing your work to other authors?

Jai’Nicole: No, not at all. I believe that we’re all talented in our own right and have different writing styles and mindsets. I think that no author should ever compare themselves to another. I think it does more harm than good.

My Urban Books: When you received word back from Azarel pertaining to your manuscript what was the first thought that ran through your mind?

Jai’Nicole: “Oh my God! My dream is finally about to come true. My book is gonna be on bookshelves and I’m actually gonna have fans! People outside of my close friends will be reading what I write…” May sound corny, but that’s exactly what I thought. I was so ecstatic.

My Urban Books: In what ways has your life changed since signing with Life Changing Books?

Jai’Nicole: I’ve had the opportunity to work with some wonderful people and I feel a great sense of accomplishment. More people are aware of my talent and it feels really good to be recognized and congratulated. It has helped me see that writing is something that I really want to make a permanent career out of.

My Urban Books: How much of yourself did you put into Cashin Out?

Jai’Nicole: There is a piece of me in every one of the characters—well, except for maybe Rallo. LOL How I would react in certain situations or how I would feel if I was put into a scenario… those are things derived from myself, but the book concept itself is nowhere near anything I’ve experienced, save for the fact that I was once in an abusive relationship like Chanelle and betrayed by men that I thought loved me. I just amped it up a notch to create Cashin’ Out. Chanelle was who I could’ve become if my heart had gotten cold enough and if I didn’t have family to support me in hard times.

My Urban Books: Are you currently working on a new novel? If so can you tell us a little bit about it?

Jai’Nicole:   I am, actually, but it’s not in the urban lit genre. I’m branching out into writing for young adults—a paranormal romance novel. I’ll give more details when everything is concrete. J

My Urban Books: What kind of image would you like to establish in the literary world?

Jai’Nicole: One as an author that puts out books readers are dying to get their hands on. Maybe to even hit the New York Times bestsellers list like my favorite authors have.

My Urban Books: What advice would you give aspiring authors?

Jai’Nicole: Work hard, be ambitious, and write daily! Never give up and never stop trying to perfect your craft. And NEVER forget to interact with and thank your fans, they can make or break your career.

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