Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Conversation with Darrell King

              Are you where you want to be? Five years ago did you set a goal for yourself and if so did you achieve it by the skin of your teeth or surpassed it beyond believe? Who where you before you accomplished your goals and who are you now? Who was Darrell King then and who is he now?  Well wonder no more, ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you Darrell King.
My Urban Books: Growing up have you read novels by Iceberg Slim or Donald Goines? If so how old were you and how were you introduced to the reads?
Darrell King: Yes... I've read novels by both Donald Goines, & Iceberg Slim. I was introduced to these classic novels by a relative who'd himself been an avid reader of these authors while incarcerated.                      
My Urban Books: Tell us a little bit about your literary career, what are some ups and downs that you’ve encountered?
Darrell King: Well I’ve been writing since age 8, however professionally since 2004. I've experienced many obstacles from major publishing houses as well as rejection from even notable authors in my field as well. However this is to be expected and you get to use these experiences to become successful
My Urban Books: What authors are on your book shelve?
Darrell King: I enjoy hard novels such as those by Clive Barker and the classics by Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley also Edgar Allan Poe. As far as street fiction is concern I of course enjoy K’wan, Terri Woods, T Styles and many others. I love the realistic writing style of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Chester Himes. But my all-time favorite reads are graphic novels Marvel Comics and DC Comics fill my library more than any other type of literature.
My Urban Books: Once it comes to urban fiction novels what kind of things on covers would you say is a hit and a miss?
Darrell King: Well I believe that urban fiction novels have some of the most graphically interesting and pleasing covers. Readers enjoy seeing attractive men and women on the covers as well as high end vehicles or images of wealth, these covers are always very successful in the marketplace, however stay clear of images of weapons such as hand guns or knives or those that are too sexually graphic. The "big box" sellers (Wal-Mart/Target), and major booksellers such as Barnes and Nobles will certainly not carry novels with those types of covers.
My Urban Books: What will be your next release? Can you tell us the title and the synopsis?
Darrell King: My next release will be this coming spring it will be a sequel to my novel "How do you want it: "The story of Southeast Trina". 10 to tentatively entitled "The Return of Trina" this table covers the Washington DC drug diva's continued violent rise as well as her daughter's entrance into her illicit drug trade.          
My Urban Books: Would you really want someone to tell you their thoughts about your novels even if it’s not good?
Darrell King: In this game you have to have thick skin not every reader is going to like your writing, if you're a professional author you will get reviews of all types both good, bad and indifferent. If you cannot deal with it then you certainly are not equipped to be a professional author. I appreciate all the views of my readers and from those that are critical I look at it as constructive. 
My Urban Books: What was the first sentence you ever written?
Darrell King: Wow lol I'd have to go way back to remember my very first sentence as a writer probably something out of a Spider Man comic or Batman. I'd use to draw and write my very own comics at age five or six on anything my crayon filled hands could find sometimes even the wall in which my grandparents didn’t find so cute.    
My Urban Books: Have you achieved the goals you set out for yourself five years ago?
Darrell King: I have to say yes, I have published five books and I'm working now on my sixth book with my very own publishing company, I feel very blessed.               
My Urban Books: What is the easiest thing about writing?
Darrell King:  I'd have to say getting lost in the moment or getting into the zone. Once you get into the zone as a writer you get lost in your own imaginative world and your characters come to life once you breathe life into their actual experiences.           
My Urban Books: Is there anyone close to you who is not a fan of one of your novels?
Darrell King: Yes, My old high school teacher. She feels as though street/urban literature is too graphically violent & sexually demeaning to women in general & women in color in particular.
My Urban Books: What advice would you give aspiring authors?
Darrell King: Study your craft thoroughly, dismiss the haters (because you're going to experience many), and have lots of fun doing what you love doing! ONE!

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