Saturday, August 6, 2011

Introducing My Urban Books

      And thank you for taking the time out to read my blog. My Urban Books is a blog that I decided to start based on my passion for books. I mainly read fiction books but the genre I enjoy most is Urban Fiction. On many occasions I have heard people refer to Urban Fiction Books as "those books","ghetto", and possibly even "not real books/literature". And because I have decided to start this blog, I have also decided to be truthful on how I feel, so here it goes. To be honest, I never like hearing comments such as those being made. Why must these books be categorized that way? is it because it's different and out of the norm? because I have come to discover that anything that is different is automatically referred to as "abnormal", if a particular thing or person doesn't fit the mold that society has labeled "normal" than it's considered out of the loop and looked down upon.

        If you ask me, not everything that's different is bad. On many occasions it has been discovered that what we once considered awkward, and weird has made an positive impact on society. Now think about it, so what if Urban Fiction is written differently and based on different topics, isn't that better than reading the same old same old? In our world we have made it a habit to give society choices/varieties. Man kind has went about to create many different types of things such as technology, flavors, clothing, entertainment, homes, jewelry etc anything you can thing of it comes in different shapes and sizes and rarely repeats itself. So tell me, if we can have choices in what we eat, wear and do then why not have a choice in what we read? why not have a genre of books that sticks out like a sour thumb (sometimes being a sunflower in a field of roses can be a beautiful thing).

        I understand that some Urban Fiction novels can be a little much with their scene descriptions and even at times repetitive in their topics, but when this occurs I suggest shopping around. I am a picky reader, just because it is an Urban Fiction novel does not mean I am going to read it. I look for things that haven't been done and that's a little out of the box and I must admit that I have succeeded. And because I have been picky with what I read I have found some very entertaining, original types of work. And I will share these works with you within this blog.

       Urban Fiction Novels are written differently. They use slang words, but in my opinion it makes sense, it makes it realistic. After all when you read the works of Shakespeare his works were written and sounds totally different from the work we publish today, times change and so do styles. Look at Hip Hop it's a culture, it's a flavor and it's a style. In my opinion, if a novel is edited, grammatically correct and published, then it's a form of literature. Not everyone will have the same style of writing, because if we did then no one will find joy in reading. Now I am not saying that you have to like Urban Fiction, but what I am saying is to be open minded, understand that some of the works written are based on true stories. Understand that the book of life is not filed with happily ever afters but is sprinkled with tragedies. There are real life drug dealers, and people fighting to make it out of a bad situation. Yes Urban Fiction does curse, and is raw and uncut, but so is life. Urban fiction authors bring to light what are hidden in the shadows and people choose to ignore due to it being too emotional. But if it isn't brought to light, if the stories aren't told, than how will anything change? how will our world be made into a better place for us all?

     Now ladies and gentleman I can write why Urban Fiction can hold it's on in the literary world for days, but for now I will leave you with the thoughts already said. There will be plenty of time for you to read more of what I think. My Urban Books is an honest blog, my writing will make you think, make you want to pick up the book that I've just put down, and will possibly make you even challenge my thoughts and that's OK.  I will speak on the authors behind the novels. My Urban Books will be your information/book club/Urban Books rating page. What I know and will learn in the future I will share. I have stumbled across many people who read just as much Urban Fiction as I do and knows just as much as me based on the genre, but I have still in one way or another taught them something  new and I have learned new things as well. I am surrounded by books everyday, within my home and when I got to my occupation at a library. So believe me when I say books are what I know, this is not your typical blog based on books, this is My Urban Books.


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