Friday, August 26, 2011

Shyt List

             One book that I highly enjoy due to its originality and shocking moments is Reign's Shyt List. Years ago I discovered the book when searching on Amazon for a new book to read, I bumped into Shyt List and since I thought the name sound good I purchased it, after reading it, it was money well spent. One thing about me and my books is that I am big on reading novels that are different, the topic has to be something you cannot find on every book shelve.

              Shyt List is one of those books that will shock you, there are events that comes completely from left field you didn't even see coming. Yvonna is a young woman suffering from a mental disorder whose wreaking havoc on those who did her wrong. The things she does and serects revealed will make your mouth drop. I recommened reading Shyt List because it is beyond boring and holds your attention from beginning to end. The novel has four parts to it but believe me each book is as good as the last. It seems to constantly evolve and answer questions. I like the way each book includes new aspects to the storyline without taking away from it, like a puzzle everything fits no matter how many new sisuations or characters the author adds.

             This novel will keep you reading and wanting to finish it the same day you started. So take my advice, read  Shyt List and don't stop reading the books until Reign decides there will be no more.

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