Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Secret Society

Hello All,
                After much thought about what I will speak on in this post I decided on Miasha's Secret Society. If there's one thing I can appreciate and look for when picking out a book to read is originality within a topic. Although I have read novels which included transsexual characters I have to say, I have not come across any novel besides Secret Society that is primarily based on that topic. There was never a dull moment within the novel. And I have to say, Miasha choose a very challenging topic to write about. The reason I refer to the topic as challenging is because when people read the novel they are always looking to see if it’s realistic for transsexuals to have sexual relations with other men without revealing their true gender. Whenever I mentioned the book to people I always hear the same question “how do men sleep with them and not know their guys?” Writing this book had to take a lot of thought in order for it to come across as believable.
 I applaud Miasha for not writing something that takes much time and thought, this is not something you can just scribble on paper and hand over to your publisher. This must be well thought out, and even researched. I like reading urban novels which aren’t revolved around the same topics, but gives you something to think about and always keeps you guessing.
Miasha went on to making Secret Society a trilogy, and I read them all. But in my opinion Secret Society was better than Never Enough, and Til’ Death.  If the other two novels would have never been written I would have been fine with it. Secret Society is a good novel with an ending that will make your jaw drop.

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