Friday, August 12, 2011

Modern Day Romeo and Juliet

Hi All,
                Just a few minutes ago I finished reading Ashley & Jaquavis book Murderville. I have read a few opinions based on the novel and 9 out of 10 stated that is was sad. I guess it's now 10 out of 10 because I have to say ,the book was sad. Murderville reminds me of a modern day Romeo and Juliet. There's love, poison, and the desire to be together until the end of time all wrapped up into one.

           Muderville is a story about a couple fighting to stay together. A couple whose been through hell and back. The novel includes human trafficking, betrayal, and more than anything else pain.The world is against them but they refuse to be torn apart. A'shai and Liberty fight to hold on to one another when  the man Liberty was sold to when the two separated as children refuses to give her up without a fight. But things gets worse when Liberty is diagnosed with a heart condition known as cardiomyopathy, she is dieing and there's nothing the love birds can be but hope a new heart comes to her rescue. With death in the air and A'shai and Liberty constantly being forced to jump multiple hurdles things only seem to worse, along with the pain. 
           One thing that I really liked about the book was the fact that the Garza Cartel and Murder Mamas were in it. As a big Ashley & Jaquavis I've read all of their novels, so Garza and the Murder Mamas are from previous books.  I don't know if many people remember, but the Garza Cartel is the Mexican Cartel responsible for taking down the Diamond Family in The Cartel 3. Now think back to the Cartel 3, Breeze, Carter's sister was led into prostitution just like Liberty and if memory serves me corrected Breeze boarded a boat which led her to that nightmare that I now believe was Murderville. These books are connecting.Trafficking and prostitution was also written about in Ashely & Jaquavis other books.  I love reading about characters from past novels entering into the current. That is one thing that kept my interest in the book.
         Murderville reminded me of their other novel Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.It will make you  feel several emotions, you'll experience heart ache, surprise and anger. When a book makes you feel  emotions that means the authors are doing their job and its a  good book. That is how I grade a book, it all depends on the emotional roller coaster that it sent me on.  

       The reason why I enjoy Ashley & Jaquavis books are because their novels or unique. Their story lines are something that you cannot pick up in just any book. Allot of people have told me what bothers them about urban fiction novels is allot of the books has the same topics. So I tell people "you want something different, read Ashley & Jaquavis" they put a spin on things. And I must admit they keep me on my toes. Since I'm writing my own novel, after reading theirs I always think to myself  "I want my book to be good like theirs. I want my book to be original" and that right there keeps me thinking, keeps me working hard. So if you want something different, something interesting and out of the norm pick up one of their books.   

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