Monday, August 29, 2011

The Bitch Series,Thug Series, and Wifey Series Order

Ever wonder what the order of Deja King's Bitch Series, Wahida Clark's Thug Series, and Kiki Swinson's Wifey Series are? Well here it is!

The Bitch Series Order                                           Wifey Series Order
1)Bitch                                                                    1)Wifey
2)Bitch Reloaded                                                    2)I'm Still Wifey
3)The Bitch is back                                                 3)Life After Wifey
4)Queen Bitch                                                         4)Still Wifey Material
5)The Last Bitch Standing                                       5)Wifey 4 Life
6)Bitch:A New Beginning
7)Boss Bitch        

 Thug Series Order
1)Thugs and the Women who Love Them
2)Every Thug Needs a Lady
3)Thug Matrimony 
4)Thug Lovin 
5)Justify My Thug   

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