Sunday, August 7, 2011

Teri or Kwame?

         Anyone who is into Urban Fiction has discussed the third and last book of the Dutch series. Teri Woods and Kwame Teague has both came out with their own version of Dutch 3 and everyone who has picked up Teri Woods version (which came out years after Kwame's) has one thought and thought only, "whose version is better? hers or Kwame's?". And I must say, in my opinion Kwame's version is better.

       There was so much to Kwame's story, so many twist and turns. I liked the fact that Angel was jealous of Dutch and Nina's relationship and fact that it was revealed in the end that Angel was carrying Dutch's son. The story was far from boring and held many issues. However, Dutch's character in Teri Woods version wasn't the Dutch we all grown to know in Dutch 1 and 2. His personality wasn't the same, I didn't understand how he could work for Odouwo. He didn't seem like his own man. By fare Kwame's book took the cake. It was more interesting to me and more drama filled.

      Below I decided to take the liberty to point out the differences between both books. I will write what did and not happen in both novels, this way you can decide which events help make a better Dutch 3.

Dutch: The Finale                                                                                
1)Dutch and Nina got married.                                                             
2)Nina died in a car accident by Goldilocks.                                        
3)Craze died due to an overdose by Goldilocks.                              
4)Dutch met his father and  spoke.
5)Roc and his wife stayed together.                                
6)Roc lives.                                                                                          
7)Angel lives and is pregnant with Dutch's child.                                                 .
8)Angel kills Goldilocks.                                                                                             
9)Dutch was beheaded.                                                                                                                                                                                                               .                                                                         
  Teri Woods:International Gangster                                                                            
  1)Dutch and Nina does not marry.   
  2)Dutch kills Nina  
  3)Craze jumped off a bridge and died. 
  4)Dutch never met his father. 
  5)Roc and his wife separated she married someone else. 
  6)Roc died who was shot by Goldilocks.
  7)Angel never has relations with Dutch and dies in when a helicopter blows up.
  8)Dutch kills Goldilocks.
  9)Dutch dies when his helicopter blows up.


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  1. Kwame Teagues version makes for the better ending to the trilogy, although I hated that he died. A character like Dutch never dies, he should have been able to live happily ever after, him, Nina, Craze and Angel.