Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Ebony:The Beloved Review by Hannah Spivey

      Ebony: The Beloved by Hannah Spivey was out of the ordinary and very different from what I  normally read. I can sum this novel up all in one word "sad" the events that took place is jaw dropping, depressing and shocking. Hannah took you on a journey starting from Ebony's life as a child until her teenage years. The build- up to the horrific events where written in great detail and you can actually feel the heart break from the main character Ebony like it was happening to you. The novel was depressing in a sense where Ebony could not catch a break and the little rays of sunshine that shined through those black out curtains quickly retreated and was replaced with darkness.
     Although Ebony: The Beloved was a nice detour from urban fiction novels written about drug dealers and etc I do believe that certain characters did not need so much attention and that certain scenes could have been added in order to make the most important, anticipated moments more breath taking. I would have liked to have read a little bit more about Ebony when she finally found her voice but am highly surprised with how she found it, the change of events did cause my eyes to widen.
     Hannah's novel was a turn pager because it made me constantly wonder when a change of events would take place, I wished things changed sooner but the novel did take me on a journey to a different place where parents are anything but loving, school is scary, and your first boyfriend is anything but dreamy.

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