Monday, October 1, 2012

A Conversation with Mack Mama

         Why do one thing when you can do it all? Mack Mama is more than just a woman with a pen she is a woman on a mission and her goal is to not only conquer urban fiction but radio as a whole. Now who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? Mack Mama is showing woman everywhere that whatever you put your mind to you can achieve it and dominate it; Mack Mama is not only fierce with a pen but a jack of all trades. Ladies and gentlemen I will like to introduce you to the one and only Mack Mama.

My Urban Books: Who do you look up too? Do you have a mentor?

Mack Mama: I look up to Michelle Obama, Beyonce, and Patti Labelle. My mentor is an author named Mizz. He wrote Bishop, Bulldog Crew, Haters Animosity and G-Banks. He gave me the blueprint to the independent publishing industry. I also look up to Treasure E. Blue. That is a real dude. He gives so much to new authors and asks for nothing in return. He shows love and it's genuine.

My Urban Books: Who or what motivates you?

Mack Mama: David Weaver, Fabiola Joseph and Wahida Clark those are a few authors and my daughter keeps the fire burning in my soul, to make it happen for her future. I know I have to build an empire and pass the torch on to others that come from where I come from. I have to give back. The at-risk youth motivate me to do better when they look at me as a "Shero" because I made it, although I did thirteen years of my life in and out of the prison system.

My Urban Books: What personality trait, if any, are you working on to better?

Mack Mama: I am too real. I have no filter and sometimes things I say can be misconstrued. I am from a place that most people only read about. My perspective of things are far different from the average person so I express myself differently. I want to work on limiting my opinions on topics that are sensitive to folks from a regular background.

My Urban Books: What question are you most frequently asked?

Mack Mama: I am always asked about my criminal past, which I don't mind because I wrote about it in my memoir Tales of an Original Bad Girl. I wanted to let out all the dirt in my closet and hopefully not be judged from my actions. So I shared my sordid past with the world. I am thankful that I was embraced for it and not ostracized. I always say if God can forgive me than mankind can surely overlook my past flaws.

My Urban Books: What is the motto that you live by?

Mack Mama: Never give up! I don't accept defeat. I fall off the horse and get right back on that beast and ride out until the sunsets.

My Urban Books: What would you say is the recipe for being successful?

Mack Mama: Not accepting anything other than success. Research the field you want to dominate, know your industry and work harder and longer than your peers.

My Urban Books: You have your own blog talk radio show, Mack Mama's Radio World. What made you decide to start your own radio show?

Mack Mama: I wanted a format to play my music and promote my products and then I discovered I actually have what it takes to be a radio personality. I love talking and I have a knack for making folks feel comfortable and allowing them to be themselves.

My Urban Books: Tell us a little about Mistress, the sequel to Daisy Jones.

Mack Mama: Mistress is the sequel to Daisy Jones that I am currently writing. I hope to release it by Nov 2, 2012 right on time for the holidays. Mistress is one of the characters that was locked up while Daisy and the O.B.G's were dealing with their drama. She is home from prison and hell bent on wreaking havoc in the street that she once dominated.

My Urban Books: What do you hope to achieve with writing?

Mack Mama: I want to make a living and be able to take care of my family. I also want to leave a legacy behind for my future generation. Printed words never die they evolve with the world. If the world as we know it came to an abrupt end, through the rubble there will be books tossed around. I want my collection to be in that pile.

My Urban Books: Do you see yourself writing outside of urban fiction? If so what would it be?

Mack Mama: Yes, absolutely I write self-help, erotica and non-fiction. I want to try flash fiction, contemporary fiction, and I also want to dabble in young adult fiction.

My Urban Books: What advice would you give aspiring authors?

Mack Mama: If you plan to self-publish your book please invest in editing and copy-editing. Also research how to format your manuscript properly to upload ebooks. Ebooks are the new wave jump on it and keep your balance. It doesn't make since to do a big print run for paperback books, do print on demand. I wasted thousands on large print runs; I still have hundreds of books in storage. Without distribution you can't move them like you need to. The mom and pop bookstores are shutting down and most don't want to pay anything but consignment. Good Luck and Congrats on following your dreams.

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