Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Cartel 4 Review

       Everyone loves a good book so when readers were informed there would be a Cartel part 4 by Ashley & Jaquavis everyone was on the edge of their seats impatiently waiting for its release. So when word got back to me that the novel was released earlier than expected I made it my business to be one of the first to get  a copy in my hand. The second it touched my palm I did not hesitate to crack it open, dive into the story and let my mind drift off into a whole new world. Many of you may not think that I cannot some up this book in three words but I can and those three words are DIFFERENT, SURPRISING, and UNPREDICTABLE.
       When I started reading the first three chapters I have to admit that I believe it started off a little slow and certain shockers did not quiet shock me but after the story proceeded to dig deeper, like a fish to bate I was drawn in. The Cartel 4 is an un-expecting roller coaster ride where every time you catch your breath and think it’s over it starts all over again this time riding faster with no pit stops. What I enjoyed most about this novel is the emotion dripping off each page, on several occasions I caught my eyes filling with tears. I would be lying if I told you that this was the Cartel we have become familiar with, because it isn't, this is the new and improved Cartel and the stakes are higher and feelings deadlier. Characters that you once knew are now transformed and releases characteristics you never seen coming.
          Everything changes and no one is who they once were which makes being a Diamond more complicated than ever. This novel is filled with deceit and pain and will have readers feel like they are in a game of tug of war, which side will you be on? Who will you root for? And most importantly who will win? When I finished reading the very last sentence I closed my book and thought to myself, "Diamonds are forever."
                                          To Be Continued.............


  1. Now you make me want to read this book so damn bad!!!!

  2. UGH!!! I can't wait until this book comes out...I will definitely pre-order this book so I can have my hands on it! So many questions but I will wait. I MUST be at the MUBC discussion!