Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Conversation with NeNe Capri

       When you think of authors think of originality. Think of people who stands outside of the box instead of within and who walks away from a crowd in order to be alone with a story on their mind waiting to be released. NeNe Capri has entered urban fiction with a title of a novel so eye catching so out of the norm that it has made her the hit of the genre and has everyone in anticipation of the Pussy Trap 2. In order to be a success in the writing world you have to stand out and be seen, you have to be what everyone is not. Now take a look into the world of an author who proved to be anything but normal.
  My Urban Books: As a child how would you describe yourself?
NeNe Capri: I was always very inquisitive and active. I began reading at three years old, so I learned a lot very quick. I had an imagination that was out of this world. I guess that has spilled over into adulthood. When I was three my mom gave birth to my little brother and when I learned I was a big sister I took that role personal (smile). I thought I was the mother.
     My Urban Books: Five years go, what did the life of NeNe Capri consist of?
NeNe Capri: Books, classes and tests. I was finishing up my pre-law degree and preparing to enter Temple University for my B.A in legal studies. I think it’s safe to say I did it.
My Urban Books: They always say that a creative mind is a little crazy, what about you would you say is a little off?
NeNe Capri: It’s funny that you asked me that. I was just riding with my daughter and telling her that when I was a little girl I had a whole imaginary world set up for myself with my dolls. She was so tickled. However, when she was little I had a chance to teach her how to play and use her imagination. I believe it builds creativity. I guess still being a kid at heart is where my scales tip.
My Urban Books: Are you able to tap into any of your characters at any given moment? If so, who are you most connected with and why?
NeNe Capri: Yes I do. Each one of my characters carries one of my characteristics because I gave birth to them. I love KoKo because she is a no nonsense type female. I am old school; I believe if you have a problem with someone address them handle it and move on. I am very intolerant of foolishness.
My Urban Books: How is it working under Wahida Clark’s publishing company? How do you believe it differs from other publishing companies?
 NeNe Capri: I am not too familiar with other publishing companies. However, I can say that I am very spoiled by Wahida she is like a mother to me so my relationship with her goes far beyond business. But, when it comes to business she is a beast. Wahida is always coming up with new and innovative ways to promote and expand the brand. I am blessed to be on her team.
My Urban Books: The title of your novel The Pussy Trap, is not an average title, how did readers first take to it when it was released?
NeNe Capri: The readers took to it right away. The title in itself sells the book. It was funny because I have people who will walk past the big poster we have at signings and read it, say it out loud then say hold up does that say what I think it says? Then they say let me have that right there.
My Urban Books: The Pussy Trap 2 releases October 19th care to give us a hint about what we’re in for?
NeNe Capri: The Pussy Trap 2, The Kiss of Death clears up all secrets. KoKo will uncover lies as one of the characters tells her, “You have surrounded yourself with your enemies and can’t even sort them out.” Yes the suspense is nail biting I can’t wait to read and hear the readers feedback.
My Urban Books: What books can we look forward to reading from you in the future; do you have a title(s) and a brief description you can tell us?
NeNe Capri: I have two other novels I am writing as we speak. The titles have not come to me yet. Also I have just completed a story called “Shattered” that will appear in an anthology called Love is Blind. 100% of the proceeds will go to a battered woman’s shelter. Domestic Violence is very close to my heart, I am blessed to be on this project.
My Urban Books: What are your thoughts on self-publishing? Do you believe it’s the way to go when entering the writing game?
NeNe Capri: I think that each author should do what is conducive to their goal as a writer. I will say this, the writing game much like the music industry is saturated right now. And with technology advancing how we read, the big book deals are far and few in between. Self publishing may be the best route and also utilizing the e-book options to cut down on costs until they are established.
My Urban Books: In your opinion what is the difference between a writer and author?
NeNe Capri: A writer is one who has the ability to put words on pages. An author creates a world that enables a reader to climb into those pages and be the words, be the touch, be the kiss. And then do it over and over again.
My Urban Books: What was the hardest question a reader has ever asked you? And how did you answer it?
NeNe Capri: To date I have not had one of those questions but I’m waiting on it (smile).
My Urban Books: What are some negatives about being an author who’s on the social network?
 NeNe Capri: I believe that one should use these avenues to promote and familiarize readers with their work. When I see authors arguing or disputing with a fan who may not have enjoyed their work, tarnishes their reputation and is not beneficial. Every one has an opinion and as an author we must respect that.
My Urban Books: What new authors have caught your attention?
NeNe Capri: Eyone Williams and Pinky Dior out of DC Book Divas camp, Boo Jackson, and Raymond Frances New Jersey’s finest. Just to name a few.
My Urban Books: What advice would you give aspiring authors?
NeNe Capri: Don’t give up. Get a good editor. And become a student of the craft. Learn as much as you can. Surround yourself with good people and embrace criticism so you can grow and become a great writer. Promote. Promote. Promote.


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    1. i would be honored.. just send me the information. thank you...

  2. Enjoyed your interview, and wow! You started reading at 3 - impressive! Keep writing and being creative!

    Denise Turney
    Author - Love Pour Over Me

  3. yes my mom taught me to read when I was 3. She had just had my brother and she said "You have to be a big girl." i felt so important. then she taught me how to cook eggs, get his bottle and wash dishes. its its still going. I think i need a retirement plan.. 401k or something..lolol..