Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Conversation with Clifford "Spud" Johnson

     It's the battle of the sexes once it comes to urban fiction, who pens the best stories men or woman? Who makes the story jump off from of its pages and who can't the other hold a candle too? If we were to all sit down in a room and debate about it I am sure we will never leave the room. But the first man of My Urban Books to be interviewed, Clifford Spud Johnson makes the men's team that much stronger. My Urban Books will like to introduce the first man of My Urban Books, meet the man behind the pen.

 My Urban Books: How were you introduced to writing?
Clifford Spud Johnson: I've always loved to read, but making the best of a bad situation while sitting in federal prison on a drug conviction is basically how I discovered my gift of writing. I typed my first manuscript and shared it in the yard and received positive feedback. People actually looked forward to my next story. I was told that my writing was easy to read with plots that kept them engaged. That I had stories that people in the streets could relate to and the way in which I told them helped those who weren’t in the streets, still understand.

Writing was an escape from my reality. I continued to write and eventually submitted my work, which led to me selling a couple of manuscripts to Teri Woods Publishing which she has yet to release. Continuing to submit my work got “Kalifornia Luv” published and in print in 2009.  In 2011, working with Carl Weber and Urban Books on the release of “Gangsta Twist 1 & 2” was huge for me especially still being incarcerated and having that type of distribution. This year I released an ebook, “Kiss Me” with Lucki Read Publishing, and I’ve got at least two books releasing with Urban Books for 2013 which are “He Don’t Play Fair” and “She Don’t Play Fair”.
My Urban Books: How would you describe your writing style?
Clifford Spud Johnson: Fact based fiction with some very creative twists along the way. Unpredictable! My readers may start off thinking they will know how the story will end, but they will almost never get it right. I love to surprise at the end.
My Urban Books: What do you never see yourself writing about?
Clifford Spud Johnson: I don’t ever want to limit myself by saying NEVER.

My Urban Books: As a child who did you read?
Clifford Spud Johnson: I really didn’t read as a child, but read weekly once I became an adult.Now,I enjoy reading Sydney Sheldon, Eric Jerome Dickey, and Vince Flynn.
My Urban Books: Tell us a little bit about your future releases He Don’t Play Fair and She Don’t Play Fair
Clifford Spud Johnson: He Don’t Play Fair will release early in 2013 with Urban Books. I introduce the world to main character, “Papio” who when the book opens, is getting acclimated back into society after serving a federal prison sentence. Having left a lot of unfinished business he travels from OKC to LA to handle things, meeting someone Special along the way. This one has lots of twists and unexpected events that are sure to keep the pages turning.
She Don’t Play Fair will release in the Summer of 2013.   The intense drama and action in "She Don't Play Fair" picks up where He Don't Play Fair left off. This time it's all about the main character "Special", who is trying her best to move on with life but can't get beyond the memories of she and Papio. Remorse, regrets and revenge fuel the pages of this fiery tale of crossed lovers. Hopefully both books will keep readers on the edge of their seats. He Don’t Play Fair is currently available for pre-sales on Amazon.
My Urban Books:  In your opinion how does urban fiction differ from other genres other than its themes?
Clifford Spud Johnson: When you break it down, most often it doesn’t differ. Most stories are going to have an introduction, some sort of action, a climax then a resolution. I find that a lot of urban fiction stories take place either in the 80’s, 90’s to present times. Other genres, have extended time periods.
My Urban Books:What is one thing about urban fiction you would like to see change?
Clifford Spud Johnson: Creating characters that are super gangsters, I understand its fiction but come on!
My Urban Books:  Do you consider urban fiction and hip hop one of the same?
Clifford Spud Johnson: Yes, basically. They both give fans an in depth view of an urban lifestyle and of the urban culture, both good and bad.
My Urban Books: If you could piece together the perfect urban fiction author who would it consist of?
Clifford Spud Johnson: The great Sydney Sheldon, Eric Jerome Dickey and myself. Sydney Sheldon was the best story teller of our time. His work is remarkable! His way of moving a story is flawless. Combine him with the way that Eric Jerome Dickey articulates his words and my flair for the ultimate twist we would be unstoppable!
My Urban Books:  What advice would you give aspiring authors?
Clifford Spud Johnson: If writing is your passion then stick to it. Perfect your craft. Learn from your mistakes and accept criticism.You will not be able to please everyone. Take your time to learn the ins and outs of the business side of things and have faith in your creativity.  Don't let the haters stop you from writing that masterpiece that’s inside of you.


  1. Keep up the Great Work...GOD BLESS !!!
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  2. Awesome Work!! I cant wait until Gangsta Twist 4 comes out. I hope Bob do the right thing with the crew.

    1. What ☝"spud"this is Tutt,we did a bid back in Oakdale fci..whatever happened to the novels that you composed:"secrets & till the wheels fall off...anyway,I've been enjoying your work bro keep it up my got the juice