Thursday, September 13, 2012

Black Butterfly Review by Nika Michelle

It is always a pleasure to read something out of the norm. When I am in search of a read I zone in for something which is original, entertaining and take a left turn from everything else on book shelves. Black Butterfly by Nika Michelle is a read that I find to be different and full of style. The book revolves around the lives of the three Beauvois sisters and the trials and tribulations they undergo together and separately . Although this family is rich I could have gone without the constant name dropping pertaining to name brands and I believe the editing could have been tighter. The beginning of the novel moved a little slow for me and whenever the author drew me in let me go shortly after. But after I continued to read further into the novel Nika automatically drew me in and I could then feel the characters emotions jumping off of the page and having me feel either pain or happiness for the current situation.

                What kept my interest is the fact that none of the women in this novel were similar at all, they all had their own drama, their own views on things and seemed to represent a few of the many insecurities and fears many women have. Nika made us take a look into the life’s of wealthy people and exposed the good and the bad which was a breath of fresh air and shown people do not only judge one another by how they look but also based on the money in their pockets. I enjoyed the ending, it was a shocker and something I did not see coming but was very realistic. When things hit the fan that is when the book was at its best and Nika's writing style truly shined. Nika pulled at my heart strings and made my eyes get big, Black Butterfly is a novel based on sister hood, love, and independence a novel where women takes a look into the mirror and has no choice but to face their fears. 

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