Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Conversation With Keisha Ervin

        In the world of writing many has come and many has gone but very few has stayed around, standing the test of time with their pens by their side and a fresh peice of paper clutched in their hand ready to write a novel that will grace book shelves around the world. Writing is an honor and should never be taken lightly, it is a journey of the mind a creative pool authors are swimming in. And Keisha Ervin has swam in that pool and created novels readers can't take their eyes off, so pull up a seat and listen carefully because this is our conversation with Keisha Ervin.

My Urban Books:    You have been writing for some time and have quite a few books under your belt. So tell us what is your goal when you’re writing? Do you aim to entertain? Get your feelings out on paper, what?

Keisha Ervin: Sometimes when I write I get my feelings out on paper but not often. I’m more of a talker when it comes to my feelings. I try to write cautionary tales so that other women won’t have to go through the things I put my characters through or that I or my friends have gone through. I also try to hip my readers on what’s going on out here in the world. Relationships and friendships can get tricky sometimes so I try to touch on those subjects.

My Urban Books:  Have you ever written a scene based on your life? If so, what is the scene about and what book is it in?
Keisha Ervin: Well, Chyna Black is me. That whole entire book is about my life. I always tell people that 75% was real and the other 25% make believe.
My Urban Books: What scene have you written that made you cry?
Keisha Ervin: Lol, none I don’t get emotional when I write my own books. I might read it and be like oooh that was good but that’s about it.
My Urban Books:  You’re novel Torn has taken readers on an emotional roller coaster! Please explain to us what it took for you to write this novel, what ingredients actually made it possible for this story to come to life?

Keisha Ervin: For those out there that don’t know Torn is based on a true story. For the readers who have read Torn, during that time I was the character Mina and my best friend Monsieur was Mo. I was always on the receiving end of hearing about her messed up relationship with her boyfriend who wasn’t treating her right. So I decide one day to write a story about it so that she could read it and see herself. And writing the book was a huge wake up call for her and she left the relationship.
My Urban Books:  What is the craziest thing a fan has ever said to you?
Keisha Ervin:  Nothing comes to mind. My readers and I say readers ‘cause using the word fan doesn’t sit well with me. I’m just regular ole Keisha, lol. But the readers are generally very pleasant and warming.
My Urban Books:  Tell us about some of your other business ventures besides literature, are they your passions or hobbies?

Keisha Ervin: Nothing that I do is a hobby. I have to love it in order to do it or else it won’t work, lol. Outside of building my publication company Color Me Pink Publications I also am a makeup artist and I have my own line of cosmetics that I will be debuting in 2013. I have a fashion blog called Bow Ties and Barrettes where I showcase my love fashion. I want to show women of whatever size that you can be fashionable and not break the bank to do so.  Fashion is a huge part of my life. If you notice fashion is a big part of my books. It’s like the side character, lol. I also will be selling handbags and jewelry in the next month or so.
My Urban Books: Was there ever a time you wanted to give up writing and just walk away from it all? If so what made you stay?
Keisha Ervin: Yes what made me stay around was the readers and knowing that God didn’t have to give me this gift. I could’ve still been a high school drop out on welfare but this blessing of knowing how to tell stories has kept me and my son with a roof over our head and food in our mouths. I could never say forget it and walk away. It would be like spitting in Gods face if I did.
My Urban Books:  With social networks such a Facebook and Twitter readers are now able to get a better look into author’s lives. Do you believe this can do more harm than good for an author?

Keisha Ervin:I’m on Facebook, Twitter  and Pintrest I think that they can be a great deal of help to you if you use it right. I don’t get on those social sites to tell my personal business or start drama. It’s strictly business for me. Those sites are great promotional tools and a great way to stay in touch with your readers. I try to include the readers in on all of my projects.
My Urban Books:  Do you have an unpublished novel that has been sitting in your computer for over a year? If so why haven’t you published it and what is the novel about?
Keisha Ervin: YES, Material Girl 3: Secrets and Betrayals. It is my most highly anticipated book and I am honestly scared to finish it, lol because there is so much anticipation for it. After writing the sequel to my latest novel RECKLESS I will be starting on MG3. I just have to give it my full attention and put my all into to it.
My Urban Books: What about urban fiction would you say is over rated?

Keisha Ervin: The whole fascination with drugs, robbery, pimps and hoes.
My Urban Books: What do you consider your greatest accomplishment to be?
Keisha Ervin: By far my son Kyrese. He is my everything. If I hadn’t have had him I wouldn’t be where am I right now. All of this is because of him.
My Urban Books: What will your next release be? Can you tell us a name and a brief description of the novel?
Keisha Ervin: It will be the sequel to RECKLESS. I have no title for it yet. After that Material Girl 3: Secrets and Betrayals and then To Love and Lipstick.
My Urban Books:  What advice would you give aspiring authors?
Keisha Ervin: To learn as much as you can about the business. Never sign a contract without a lawyer’s approval. Write from the heart and dare to push the envelope. If anybody wants to contact me my email address


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