Sunday, December 28, 2014

So Smart Ya Stupid Review by J.Gail

So Smart Ya Stupid

Oh, where do I begin…

I enjoyed this book from cover to cover. The characters were interesting, well-developed, and (in the case of Shawn) downright infuriating! As far as books go, this one is very well-written. The author obviously put a great deal of thought into the characters and plot, from Kay’s figure to the breath of the neighborhood drunk, Brian. The storyline is expertly woven, with enough detail to paint a picture but not so much that the original vision is lost. Beautifully typeset and edited. Five stars all around! And the cover is ok.

I love when a character evokes real feelings. Shawn took me from three to thirty eight (angry) really quick with the way he treated Kay. I kept hoping she would get him from under her skin.
They are the tragically mismatched couple—two damaged halves trying to make a whole with no clue how to begin. Their relationship—wait, codependency is a better word—is so gritty and raw at times. I could feel Kay’s frustration when she begged Shawn to stay in those nights. I could feel his agitation when he went out anyway. Their feelings are tangible that way; it almost makes you want to put the book down for a moment to clear your head. Alas, this page turner is not easy to set down.

I found myself crossing my fingers and almost praying that either Shawn would leave Kay alone for good OR that Kay would wise up and break the detrimental cycle of their codependency. She eventually acquires physical distance but her heart is still there. There is progress. There are steps forward and steps backward.

By the end of this series of well-written debacles (and by debacle, I mean the messes the characters continually find themselves in!)…I won’t give away the ending, but know you will be both riveted and horrified. It was a pleasure and privilege to review this. Again, five stars.

I give this novel 5 Pens

- Rani Titali 

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