Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Lesson by Cynthia Blue Review

The Lesson

Title: The Lesson

Author: Cynthia Blue/Jamila Mathis
Date of Publication:  July 2014

Cynthia Blue’s/Jamila Mathis’ “The Lesson” is an interesting story of love misguided. The story opens to Robin Terry meeting with his mentor on discussion of his educational and career paths. During this relaxing encounter the conversation gets around to Robin expressing some uncertainty and ill-ease in his current relationship and contemplating greener pastures.  The mentor gives Robin something to consider in the form of a “scorned woman” story, before he haphazardly makes a decision that could negatively impact several lives.

While the novel progressed in a logical order, it didn’t fulfill me as a reader. There was a lack of clarity and limited originality. This novel proved to be a frustrating read due to varied grammatical errors such as subject – verb agreement, misspellings, lack of proper punctuation and multiple wrong terms (my favorite being “doctrine degree”). Scene descriptions were held to a bare minimum when they were given at all. 

The cover art adequately represented the context of the novel. Yet, the cover was boring. A couple of the characters had amazing potential if developed further and the storyline lacked excitement. There were also several instances of thoroughly unnecessary repetition.

Ultimately, this novel left me feeling disappointed! I came away wondering if anyone at the publishing company actually read; let alone edited this book. I believe that the author has been done a great disservice. The novel read more like a first draft than a completed work.
I give this novel 3 pens

Auntie Roni

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