Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Mother's Boyfriend by Matthew Ramsey Review

My Mother’s Boyfriend

Title: My Mother’s Boyfriend
Author: Matthew Ramsey
Date of Publication:  August 2014

This novel left me exhausted! From the beginning until the very end of this story my foot was itching (to kick someone’s behind). I actually read this book twice in one week to make sure I understood the intensity of Tiara’s selfishness and horniness and her mother’s blatant stupidity!  In Matthew Ramsey’s “My Mother’s Boyfriend” I had the jaw dropping revelation of just how wrong a situation can go when selfishness, lust, deceit and manipulation get packaged into one slick as oil teenaged young lady.

The title tells the story; or does it? Not really. The real story here is just how desperately broken the focal character (Tiara) is. Can she be fixed? Absolutely. Does she want to be fixed? Nope! I could not sit still reading it. JSYK: Mom (Tasha) could use a lil’ glue and some band aids, too. This novel had me moving through a maze of emotions from pity, to anger, to sadness and a little twisted sense of joy, here and there.

The dialogue between the characters is very relaxed and plausible, while proceeding in an almost tangible fashion. I could smell Jason’s cologne. I could genuinely sense Tiara’s false bravado and insecurity. I heard Tiana sing a youthfully flirty rendition of “Spotlight”. I felt the spittle fly from Tasha’s crazed mouth during the “Marcus” confrontation. The clarity and cohesiveness of Matthew’s writing throughout the development of the characters has won me over. I’d really like to pick this author’s brain to see how he discovered this siren.

The books cover art suited the story well. Will you notice the smugness in underdressed teen’s smile? Or maybe the scar on the male figures right jaw, just above his shadow of a beard? Perhaps it’s the writing on the wall? Each of these elements helped blend the story. There were no offensively apparent grammatical errors and the typesetting is immaculate. But, the wrapping on the package solidified for me that Mr. Ramsey takes his craft very seriously. I look forward to reading more of his work.

I give this novel 5 pens
Auntie Roni

**JSYK = just so you know

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