Friday, September 20, 2013

Trust No Bitch 2 by Cash and NeNe Capri

Sneak Peek
Kiam looked at his young boy and spoke decisively. "We're going up in here to make shit right, but we're not bowing down to this nigga. If he don't have no understanding let your banger do the talking. If shit get hot we either come outta there together or we die side by side. There is no compromise to that," he inst...ructed.

JuJu nodded his head and clicked one in the chamber of his Desert Eagle. From this point on it was do or die. If Riz was on some gorilla shit he was gonna make that nigga the top story on the ten o'clock news. "I'm ready fam. Let's go see what it do," he said and they got out of the car at the same time.
Kiam had his heat on his waist and a small duffle bag slung across his good shoulder. JuJu followed him inside the building with his jaw set and his mind on creating chalk lines. He took in everything as they climbed the stairs to the sixth floor.

Bones opened the door and let them in. He had a mug on his face like something stupid was on his mental. Kiam looked him in the eye communicating that death was right around the corner if he was intent on having it pay him a visit. JuJu's grimace punctuated that message, but Bones wasn't shook. He had more than a dozen bodies on his street resume and the thought of adding two more made his nuts swell.

None of the men spoke to each other. JuJu kept his eyes on Bones as he closed the door behind them. Kiam's gaze immediately honed in on Riz who was seated on the couch with his two Rottweilers at his feet. His short dreads were neatly trimmed today and the army fatigues that he wore were starched and creased. Nothing about his appearance was cruddy but his eyes; they were two black orbs that resembled the darkness that came before death.
With four killahs in one small room and a breadth of animosity between them the tension immediately thickened.

Both canines rose and bared their teeth, letting out low growls. Kiam didn't flinch, he was gonna turn them into black and brown throw rugs the minute they pounced.

"Sit," ordered Riz without breaking the eye lock that he held on Kiam.
The well-trained dogs obeyed their master's command while continuing to watch Kiam. The dog’s keen sense of smell picked up the heavy scent of danger that emitted from his pores.

Riz sized Kiam up. The reports that he'd gotten back from Cleveland confirmed what his first impressions had been. The man that stood before him personified officialness but that didn't excuse what had happened.

Kiam dropped the duffel bag at Riz's feet. It landed with a thud. "I'm a man of honor," he said. "I would never betray the people that vouched for me nor would I dirty my name. A man's word is worth much more than money. That's every dollar that you lost in our last transaction. I hope that brings peace between us but if not, it's your move."

Riz duly noted Kiam's audacity; he had no choice but to respect the nigga's gangsta. Here he was with one arm in a sling, up in BK, in the crib of one of the most ruthless men in the city, letting his nuts hang to the floor.
Riz cleared his throat. Seconds later four cold-hearted assassins came out of the back wearing menacing frowns and holding assault rifles. They posted up around the room covering all sides and stood prepared to let their weapons bark at Riz's command.

Kiam eyes scanned the room, the odds were seriously against him but that was the story of his life. He had never been one to fold against a stacked deck and that wasn't about to change now. Behind him JuJu wasn't sweating, he had resigned himself to kill or be killed. But I'm taking a muthafucka to the grave wit' me. Bones was going to be the first to get his top blown off, JuJu had already decided.

Quickly his eyes located the light switch on the wall. It was right there within arm’s reach. With the lights out, the darkness would minimize their advantage.
JuJu took a mental picture of where each man stood, he could put them on their asses without accidentally shooting Kiam. Yeah muhfuckaz I'm 'bout to turn this li'l spot into Beirut.

Kiam was thinking the same damn thing. He showed no fear. His persona remained all dick and balls. Wasn't no pussy inside his jeans so there was no chance of him bitching up. Fuck he care about a six against two? For most of his life it had been him against the whole got damn world. He looked at Riz's setup. It ain't enough of these muhfuckaz to get at me and my vicious ass young boy. And what purpose does dogs serve in a gunfight?

The thought brought a chuckle from his gut and his hand eased toward the strap inside his jacket. In that frozen moment of time, Eyez flashed in his mind. He hadn't told her goodbye so there was no way he was dying today. Fuck no! These niggas were about to get introduced to mass muhfuckin' murder.

The sound of the click clacks around the living room echoed in harmony as Riz's team peeped the move and clapped one in their chambers. Riz's hand shot up. "Everybody hold the fuck up!" he shouted. "There's no need for bloodshed. Let me talk to this man."

Kiam's whistle was halfway out of his waistband and JuJu's was already aimed at Bones' head, a fraction of a second away from decorating the wall.
Kiam studied Riz's face and saw what he needed to see in order to quiet that beast within. His hand came off the rubber grip around the handle of his banger, and he let it settle back down in its place. "We good Ju," he said without turning around.

JuJu removed his tool from Bones head but kept it out and ready to reverse the bodyguard's fate if the wind changed directions up in there.
Riz reached out, pulled the duffel bag to him and peered inside. He looked up at Kiam and nodded his acceptance. "Have a seat, my friend," he offered.
Kiam sat beside Riz on the couch.

Riz leaned over and grabbed a blunt off the cocktail table. One of his goons walked up and put some flame to it for him. Riz hit the blunt and slowly blew the smoke out. "What happened? Who on your team betrayed us?" he asked pointedly.

"******** and Gator," replied Kiam. "They both have been dealt with and can't possibly violate again."
Riz considered what he had just been told. "I didn't see that in *******," he admitted. "I read her to be a down ass bitch. Maybe even loyal to a fault."
Kiam just listened, he didn't see where true loyalty had a limit.
"It doesn't surprise me about Gator because he crossed people he was down with to join up with Big Zo, though what he was really loyal to was Lissha's pussy. I guess your coming in and taking over and probably taking Lissha from him too, pushed him to flip," Riz continued.

Kiam left him to think whatever he wanted, but something Riz had said caught his attention. "How did Gator cross someone to hook up with Big Zo?" he delved.
"Ask Lissha, she'll tell you. But you better watch that bitch, behind that pretty ass smile is a loaded gun. Her loyalty to Big Zo is impenetrable, never think otherwise."
"Mine is also," stated Kiam. Never think otherwise.
Riz smiled appreciatively, loyalty was the attribute that separated real men from fakes. With a nigga like Kiam on his squad there would be no stopping him. He sat the blunt down in an ashtray and placed a friendly hand on Kiam's shoulder. "I like what you stand for. You're the type of man that can be trusted. Unfortunately, I don't feel the same way about the man you work for."
"You can feel what you wanna feel Bleed, but I didn't come here for that. I came to straighten things up with you. Now that that's done where can we go from here?"

"Kiam, things aren't always as simple as that and not many people are who they appear to be. I used to have the same respect for Big Zo as you have for him now, but things started happening that has me wondering." He leaned back and gathered his thoughts before sharing them.

Kiam looked over at JuJu who was still posted up by the door surveying everything and everyone. Riz's voice brought Kiam's attention back to him.
"Kiam, let me tell you a story. When the feds hit Big Zo and snatched up everything he had, I was the one that fronted Lissha and Treebie blocks to help them rebuild his empire. Not long after I began doing that one of my stash houses here in New York got jacked and three of my men lost their lives trying to defend it. A fourth one was left alive by the robbers to deliver a message." Riz gestured one of his goons over to the couch.
The dreadlocked boy came across the room and stood awaiting Riz's order. "This is my son Jamaal. He is the one Blood Money left alive to deliver their message," he said to Kiam.

Blood Money! Kiam was shocked, but his expression did not change. JuJu had heard the name too but he did not allow his emotions to betray his calm.
"Jamaal, show him what Blood Money did to you," Riz prompted.
Jamaal let the stock of his chopper rest on the floor as he removed the gloves he was wearing and showed Kiam the scar left from the bullet hole that Blood Money had blown through his hand.

All kinds of thoughts ran through Kiam's mind but he revealed nothing to Riz. "What does any of this shit have to do with us?" Kiam questioned him.
Riz looked him in the eye and replied, "I had several of my men executed after that robbery. But as time moved on I have reason to suspect that Big Zo was behind it. I've tracked Blood Money to Cleveland, Ohio, Big Zo's stomping grounds. I don't believe in coincidence. I haven't been able to find out any of their identities but I will sooner or later, and if my suspicions prove correct I'm murdering everyone associated with Big Zo. You might wanna consider breaking ties with his organization."

"Loyalty or death," proclaimed Kiam, rising to his feet. "So I guess this ends our business."
"Only if you want it to. Like I said, I have suspicions but no proof. We can carry on with our dealings, it is very profitable to both sides. But I can't trust delivering to your people outside of New York. I'll lower the price $500 a shoe but you'll have to come up here to get them."
"I can do that," Kiam agreed and they shook hands.

As Riz walked him to the door he told him that he hoped his suspicions turned out to be wrong. "I do too," Kiam replied. "Because when two giants clash a lot of little people get crushed."

As Kiam and JuJu descended down the stairs they both were wondering who in the fuck Blood Money was. Kiam's forehead was creased, he needed answers and this time he was not letting Lissha blow him off.

Inside his apartment Riz picked up his phone and dialed a number. "Yeah?" answered his man.

"What have you found out about Blood Money?" asked Riz.
"Nothing yet, but I'm on it. And when I smoke 'em out, I'ma torture and kill 'em one by one," said Wa'leek.

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