Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sapphire Escape by JA Sapphire

      Sapphire: Escape begins in the streets of Wilmington, Delaware as I fight for my independence from my authoritative parents forcing me flee to Atlanta, Georgia and entering the strip club industry. While there are many assumptions as to why women enter the strip club industry, the main ones are that we as women are mindless, nymphomaniac junkies with no education, skills, aspirations, or goals. This simply isn’t true and the actual explanations will astonish you. Sapphire is one of the highest paid black, exotic dancers in the nation based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has been an exotic dancer for sixteen years. She is a veteran, an expert of the strip club industry and the interpersonal relationships that traditionally exist between men and women.
Her experienced eyes have seen the rise and fall of the strip club industry, the economy, our leaders, celebrities and professional athletes. She is entangled in a web of illusion that society deems the “underground” and entrapped in the collapse of society’s mentality, self-image, and the collapse of interpersonal relationships between men and women.
Being estranged from her family and being recently fired from her job she finds herself making a split second decision between her present state of living and the loss of her dignity. To survive more than just the financial aspects of her life, she reinvents herself into the strip club diva known as SAPPHIRE—however, at times she’s known as Carmella.

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