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The Niya Interview with Fabiola Joseph and Erotic Bliss.

         Niya is the first novella written by Fabiola Joseph and it has taken the literary world by storm. This modern age tale about a young girl coming to terms with who she is has caused many readers to shed a tear and applaud the author for such astonishing work. But you know what they say, two heads are always better than one and up and coming author Erotic Bliss proved this saying to be 100% true when she co-wrote Niya with Fabiola Joseph. This new author has snuck into the limelight and keeps an extremely low profile while  having everyone wonder "Who's That Girl?" but that question will no longer be asked because My Urban Books will not only be interviewing Fabiola Joseph, but Erotic Bliss as well. So ladies and gentlemen lock your eyes to the screen and read all about the birth of Niya.

My Urban Books:  How did you two come up with the idea for Niya?
Fabiola Joseph: I knew that I wanted to write a story about a STUD. There is something so alluring, so sexy, so mysterious about them, but I just didn’t think that I could pull it off. So, I put her on the backburner knowing that I would come back to her later. When I got back in contact with Bliss, Everything just fell into place. Bliss opened my eyes to a whole new world and through her and her life experiences, Niya was born.
Erotic Bliss: When she came to me with the idea, I was a little scared. I felt like I was about to put myself on front-street. I am a very private person so I was petrified. So one day, I woke up after a long night with Fabie on the phone, and I find an email with the first two chapters in it. I read it and fell in love. After that, I was all for it.
My Urban Books: How is the lesbian and heterosexual community been responding to Niya?
Fabiola Joseph: Really well. I was so worried that the hetero readers wouldn’t get it, but they do, and that makes me smile. The lesbian and gay community also LOVED the story. We have been told that the story is true to life, and that is what we wanted. One reader even said that they loved that the story was about a STUD and not an ultra feminine character, although Jamilla and a few other characters fill in the feminine gap. What makes me happy is that even gay men are falling in love with Niya {lol} I LOVE that!

My Urban Books: What kind of demons will Niya be battling in part 2?

Erotic Bliss: We felt that in Niya… Rainbow Dreams, the readers really fell hard for Jamilla's story. Yes, they got a glimpse into Niya’s life but Jamilla got to kill a lot of her demons. This time around in Niya 2… Dreamers Paradise, Niya will face a lot of hers. Like the relationship with her parents, her blossoming attachment to alcohol, and her infatuation with Jamilla. She will even have to face her dreams head on. We know that she wants to be a rapper, but what is she doing about it?

My Urban Books:  How will Jamilla evolve in Niya 2?

Fabiola Joseph: Jamilla is going to start facing her inner battles as far as her fear of the L word. We felt that she is so afraid that she may be a lesbian that she is running away from the love Niya has for her and for the love she truly has for Niya. She is still battling her home life. Yes, things with her stepfather have gotten better but her relationship with her mother is still an ongoing battle. Everyone needs their mothers love but she will have to learn that she may never get it the way she wants it.

My Urban Books: Fabiola, you have lesbian characters in your other novels The Art of Deceit’s Amira and Rebel’s Domain’s Kory. How can those two relate to Niya and what can they learn from her?
Fabiola Joseph: I feel that they all can learn from each other. Funny thing is I feel that they are all alike in some ways. Like the fact that they were all in love with a “Straight” girl.

My Urban Books: Here's another question for you Fabiola, If you put the main characters of all of your novels together, (Tangie, Jazzy, Scarlett, and Niya) what kind of character would you come up with?
Fabiola Joseph: Wow, that would be one hell of a character. They would be smart, deadly, talented, scary, loving, young at heart, hardened by life, giving, insecure, hard to deal with, and all in fear of love, true love. The scariest part is… this character would be the closest to who I really am.
My Urban Books: I think a lot of people are wondering about Jamilla’s sexuality. Is she homosexual, bisexual, or heterosexual?
Erotic Bliss: What I love about Jamilla's character is that she left some of the readers just as confused as she is. Some feel that she is a lesbian or at least bi because of how she feels about Niya. Others feel that she is like every other young lady out there, the ones who are curious, the ones who mistake a really close friendship with a lesbian as a crush. Our answer is… the readers will have to wait and see.
My Urban Books: In the future will you write a novel centered around homosexual males?
Fabiola Joseph: Porn Stars 1 and 2 had gay male characters, and although my co-author Matthew Ramsey wrote those characters, I really enjoyed them. I am toying with the idea.
My Urban Books:With every book an author writes they better their craft, how has your writing improved?
Fabiola Joseph: Every time I finish a book, I marvel at the growth I show. It is all in the word play, the emotions, the letting go of fears and just writing. I love The Art Of Deceit, that is my first baby, but as I go back and read over it, I see my growth as a writer. Words feed my soul, and when I use them well… I am in heaven.

My Urban Books:With every novel that you two have wrote, how have you grown as a person?
Erotic Bliss: Going into Niya 1, I was so afraid. I held back a lot. Being that I tell my part of the story and Fabie is the one who really puts them into words, I just went into Niya 2 as an open book. I tell the truth about who I am and Fabie adds in the spice of fiction. I am the happiest I have been in a long time, and I owe that all to Fabiola Joseph. Without her, this story would never be.
Fabiola Joseph: I am free. I am free of all that has haunted me. So much of me is Jamilla, so much of me is Niya, as they are both Bliss in their own ways. I put so much of my pain into that book and it was freeing. I have grown to love me, I have grown to love all the parts of me that I have always tried to hide, and I am also learning to forgive. This book healed me in a lot of ways, and without Bliss, that would never be.
My Urban Books:What will you like for people to know about your new cover Niya 2?
Fabiola Joseph: That both Bliss and I put so much thought into it. Everything on that cover is there for a reason. That cover tells a story, the new story of who these women are becoming.
Erotic Bliss: Yes, Fabie must have had six or seven drafts of this cover made *lol* but that is what I respect about her. She loves what she does and works so hard at making it right for the readers but most importantly, herself. She really has an eye for details.
My Urban Books: We are now going to now put the spotlight on Erotic Bliss. You are a mystery to many, so tell us, who are you?
Erotic Bliss: I am a woman who is trying to find her way in life just like the rest of them. I have served my country and now, I am working on serving myself. I abandoned myself for so long, and because of this book, I am finding me again. I am also a woman who loves and respects my co-author. She has given me life.
My Urban Books: Can we expect a solo novel from you?
Erotic Bliss: I am not so sure. Let’s just see how this whole Niya thing plays out. Fabie does a lot of the writing so we will see.

My Urban Books: Can you tell us what your first name is?
Erotic Bliss: LoL, nah, no chance of that.
My Urban Books: 5 years ago, who was Erotic Bliss?
Erotic Bliss: She was WILD. I was only 22 then. Let’s just say, a lot of people know my name. I have been a lot of places, and I have done a lot of things.
My Urban Books: What was the first thing you remember writing?
Erotic Bliss: A rap song. It was called, I Like Her. It started off with… I like her, but she will never know. My friends say that I should tell her but in my mind, I act as if she already knows. I blow kisses at her from behind, she can’t see them so for now, I’ll just pretend that she’s all mine and wait for the day that I will be able to blow her mind. LOL, yeah, I still remember it. I was 12, I think.

My Urban Books: Now back to the dynamic duo, what have you two learned from one another while writing Niya 1 & 2?
Erotic Bliss: Fabiola has taught me to remember myself. She had taught me to live openly and not to hide so much of who I am. She has taught me that I deserve love and that I should love freely. I always admired that about her. She is so loving, so open about loving, even though she is afraid. I had always let my fears stop me, I am no longer doing that. I love her not only because I am in love with her, but because of the love that she has shown and taught me. She tells me that I am beautiful and talented every day. She taught me that just like Niya, I had to face the fears that were eating me up alive. I thank her, and I am so grateful to have her in my life.

Fabiola Joseph: I do not even know where to start. As I wrote Niya 1 and 2, I found myself pouring the love that I have for Bliss into those pages. Bliss is one of two people who came along and saved me. I had given up on so much before her. She renewed my faith in life and in people. My heart beats to the sound of a new drum. That drum, that rhythm, is Bliss. Our journey has just begun, as writers, and friends, but she enriches my life on a daily basis Like Niya and Jamilla, like the words that stain the pages of Niya 1 and 2, like the love that is felt as you read these words, it was all just meant to be, and I love her. 

 My Urban Books: Ok ladies and gentlemen I think the best way to end this interview is with an expert from the anticipated novel of the year and cover, Niya 2!

Niya 2… Dreamer’s Paradise Excerpt (Unedited Version)


Silence carved through the air like a newly sharpened knife as we walked back to our building. Jamilla had just made a promise to me that I prayed she would keep. There was nothing binding us in Brooklyn. Her family was shit and as for me, the only person I had to worry about was my granny. The night’s events played over in my head as if it were a film. Jamilla’s stepfather was the second person I didn’t kill that night and I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing. Both he and Roxie deserved to eat dirt, to waste away and be considered casualties of the mean streets of Brooklyn. Although Roxie had met her maker, it wasn’t by my hands, as it should have been.
          “Niya… NIYA?”
I wasn’t sure how long Jamilla had been calling my name but I really hadn’t heard her until she yelled.

          “What’s up boo?”
We were in the entrance of our building when I took her hand. Something in her eyes was different though. She seemed guarded, and fearful of my touch. I felt it the minute our hands touched.
          “We need to talk. I would say let’s go back to your place but Smiley is sleeping. I just… I just… we need---.”
          “Niya, mi amour, where have you been? Mommy's been waiting for you.”
I froze when I heard her voice. It was as if the warm air had turned into a winters chill. I was afraid to turn around. With her, you never knew what you would get. Sure, she never looked right but sometimes, it was worse than others.
          “Is that your mom?”
By the shock that was written all over Jamilla face, I knew that it was going to be bad. Slowly, I turned around to face the person who used to be my mother. The lady before me was dirty, she was too thing, with stringy hair, and she looked sick. The last time I saw her, she wasn’t this bad, but standing there in front of me, she was just a shell of who she used to be.
          “Niya, mi amour, I had an accident, I need a shower, and I’m so hungry honey. Is mama upstairs? Maybe she can make us some nice breakfast, just like she used to.”
My fucking heart was braking. Who was this woman, I asked myself as she got close to me? I looked into her eyes but the glaze from the drugs wouldn’t let me penetrate her fucked up state of mind. As she reached out to me, my first reaction was to pull away. She was just so dirty, and she smelled of shit, but I just couldn’t pull away from her, she was my mother, the woman who birthed me. I let her touch the side of my face and watched her smile before she spoke.
          “You are so cute mi amour, just like your papi. You look just like me but with his eye and lips. Can we go upstairs now?”
I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak, all I wanted to know was if the woman standing in front of me was really my mother. She used to be so beautiful, she proud. Now, she was just an empty shell. I couldn’t help but stand there and cry.

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