Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Black Magic by Nika Michelle Review

      Black Magic by Nika Michelle is the third installment in the Black Butterfly trilogy and it begins exactly where it left off in Black Onyx. Starting the novel off in this way will defiantly gain readers appreciation because they are not thrown into the pages of Black Magic without a clue as to what is taking place.  Nika has made this novel easy to follow and quickly reminded you what has taken place in part two but I must say, the storyline did not grab me like it did  in part two. It was not as entertaining and the shock factor was missing for me. Once it came to the characters I did however, appreciate the growth from the middle sister Seandra. The author showed her emotional side and the character embodied true emotion. Throughout the story although all sisters were emotional in some way, shape, or form Seandra was the most heartfelt, most real and I believe Nika allowed you to take a glimpse into the characters heart and have you witness what she was feeling.
        I had the privilege of reviewing the unedited version of Black Magic and I have to say that I was impressed with the few errors that I found. The ending has left me to believe that there would be a part four and in all honesty I hope that there is because after reading Black Onyx I know that Nika can bring me something great and I am waiting for a read penned within this series that will blow part two out of the water.

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