Thursday, May 17, 2012

Running a Ruff Show by Matthew Boyd Review

   Who would have ever guessed that love can break you down and build you right back up all at the same time. But what if the person you gave your heart too does nothing but squeeze the life out of it? you leave right? easier said then done.

         In the novel Running a Ruff Show by Matthew Boyd readers are led into a world where its man vs himself. Tom Ruff is torn between his love for himself and his love for a woman, he's stuck in a world where drugs is his worst enemy and biggest competition. What would you do? How would you feel if drugs came first in the eyes of the person you loved and there was nothing you could do about it?

        Tom becomes a man drowning in a sea of misery and uncertainty. This novel is filled with peer pressure amongst adults and self-inflect pain due to the constant drug use all while taking place in Australia. Running a Ruff Show is a novel you would rack your brain trying to figure out if you saw it on Lifetime or Night Line, it's story line paints a picture that's has you feel for its characters and pray their downward spiral of a life would take a turn for the best. Read and enter the mind of man who is being beat down mentally and struggles with the thoughts over whether if he should stay or go in a relationship that is not only self- destructive but soul aching. Ladies, we are not the only ones who tare our insides apart and cry in the dark when our relationships are in shambles.

         Based loosely on his life Boyd opens the door to a universe where he is the outsider fighting to remain that way, fighting to preserve what sanity and self-pride he has left. But the question is, will he win? can he overcome peer pressure  and listen to his head instead of his heart? the ending of this novel will have you holding your breath and slapping your kindle hoping to get one more page to read in order to know what happens next. Drugs, pain, confusion, and strength step into a world where it's ruff for Tom to run his own show.

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