Monday, May 21, 2012

Kontagious by Nikki Urban Review

      One of the most dangerous weapons known to man is sex. This physical act is one of the many gems which holds up a happy home but can also be the missing brick responsible for a relationship crumbling. Within the four walls of Kandice and Derrick's home there is nothing but betrayal, secrets, and a sexually frustrated woman willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy her needs regardless of the consequences.

      In Nikki Urban's new novel Kontagious readers are receiving a soap opera on paper. Lies and deceit are the foundation of Kandice and Derrick's marriage and things spirals out of control once Kandice makes the decision to no longer be sexually unhappy and ventures out to satisfy her needs. There are so many secrets a grave yard is created and their skeletons soon begins to pour out of their closet. It's the war of the roses and this couple is far from loving.

     With every page you turn something new and surprising is added into the already suspenseful fast pace novel. Stakes get higher and drama intensified. Kandice is a woman on a mention who refuses to allow her husband to have the last laugh, sit back and read as the once faithful, and supportive wife turns into her alter ego Kontagious, a scorned woman out for blood. But like everything done in the dark it will soon come to light leaving everyone with many questions to answer.

      Kontagious will teach you that secrets and a woman's heart is nothing to toy with and like a puzzle you will put the story together with every word you inhale. This novel is a fast read and has the characters selfishness spewed across the pages. In the words of Truth Hurts and Rakim Kontagious will turn your pages and keep you guessing, she's spontaneous. So do yourself a favor and find out why no one can get enough of her.

                Kontagious By Nikki Urban Coming Soon

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