Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rozalyn by Shan

         I had the pleasure of reading the first five chapters from the novel Rozalyn by Shan and I must say that it was an interesting read. This author is very descriptive in her novel which comes in handy when learning the life's, and personality traits of each character. She puts you into the mind of her characters, giving you front row seats as to why they are doing the things their doing. One of the things I really appreciated about this novel were the issues that revolved around family, I found it to be creative and attention catching. That was the first thing to draw me into the story, the relationship between Rozalyn and her parents.

        This novel has not been released yet, so I can only speak on the first five chapters that I was able to get my hands on. Rozalyn has originality embedded into it, it includes an aspect that urban fiction novels I've read has not touched upon, and that is the female virginity and the conscience decision to keep it.  I remember thinking five chapters, why is the author allowing so many to be read? why not only two? but now I know why, by her allowing me to read only the first five I was able to get know the characters and understand the seriousness of their situations. Chapter five was a cliff hanger; it left me wanting to witness the chaos that I know will take place past the chapters I've read. If I am guessing correct drama will occur from every corner of the book, characters who you thought held no importance will prove to be grimy and an addition to the drama.

         Rozalyn is the first novel released by Shan and it proves to be drama filled, with characters out for self who refuses to lose. I predict jealousy, competition, anger, pain, and the ultimate revenge brewing in this novel. So if you know like I do you'll get your copy the moment they hit bookshelves.

              **Rozalyn will be released in paperback on 11/11/11 and on Kindle and Nook 11/21/11**

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