Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Conversation with Jacqueline McDuffie

The Urban Dictionary definition of a Diamond in the Rough:

1)Someone who has hidden exceptional characteristics and/ or future potential, but currently lacks the final touches that would make them truly stand out from the crow. 2) A person who appears dubious at first but turns out to be exceptional. 3) Someone who falls into unfortunate circumstances but works to better themselves.

             When urban fiction authors write it's mainly because they have a story to tell. It's an outlet given to them simply by pressing the keys on a keyboard or scribbling a pen against paper, It's another form of art, Painters have their paint brush and writers have their pen, at the end of the day master pieces are made which are bound to grace walls and bookshelves, There are many forms of art, many pictures, book, sculptures, and jewels. But sometimes you stumble amongst that one special jewel, the one which outshines the rest and comes around once in a blue moon, a diamond in the rough.

             Jacqueline McDuffie is the author of A Diamond in the Rough, a novel based on her life and Betrayal of Love. After deciding to pick her brain I reached out to her and asked for an interview, this is our conversation.

Brandie: Ms.McDuffie what made you become an author?

Jacqueline McDuffie: I used to want to be a rapper, but after rhyming for kids at school, going to the studio and being on stage at block parties I never pursued it. I grew up in the projects of DC North East and I remember struggling. At the age of 15 I became a grown woman once I came out pregnant with my first child It was then I knew I had a story to tell. Losing his father in the streets I began writing in my diary. Years later I has my second child and was in an abusive relationship, it was when the relationship ended I began writing my first novel A Diamond in the Rough.
Brandie: What would you say is the hardest thing about being an author?

Jacqueline McDuffie: The hardest thing about being an author is your competitors and trying to write what folks can relate too.

Brandie: Are you currently working on a new novel?

Jacqueline McDuffie: Yes, I am currently working on an erotica story called $UGAR WALLZ, another urban fiction novel that will be released early 2012.

Brandie: How many books would you like to write during your career? Have you thought of a number?

Jacqueline McDuffie: Yes! my goal is write one book every year to keep my readers entertained. I never really thought about a number because I like to write novels that will have you on the edge of your seat. I don't recommend for authors to write books, after books when they aren't good reads and are only done to make a profit, You really have to have your heart and passion from the pen to the pad.

Brandie: What advice would you give inspiring writers?

Jacqueline McDuffie: My advice to anyone who is trying to pursue their dreams is to never give up, never show weakness and keep your mind set on your goals. If you have a story to tell get it out there and never worry about what people say or think about you. Your testimony can either help or save another. Pray, keep God and your family first. Patience is a virtue. Always know that all of us have some kind of gift inside of us whether we know it or not. What you are epecting is already expecting you. The dream is real.

Brandie: What writers in the game do you admire and why?

Jacqueline McDuffie: Zane is my role model, I love erotica books.

Brandie: What do you hope to accomplish?

Jacqueline McDuffie: I hope to one day work with Tyler Perry and become a successful entrepreneur.

Brandie: What message do you want your books to give?

Jacqueline McDuffie: A positive but real straight to the point message. My urban tales which I call "Tales from the Hood" is what men and women can relate too. My stories are deep, pleasurable, yet enjoyable.

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