Friday, September 2, 2011

Dime Piece

          One book I enjoy was Dime Piece by Tracy Brown. This book is highly entertaining and keeps you wanting to read faster than you actually can just to find out what happens next. Dime Piece is filled with drama. The main character Celeste is dating Rah-Lo, a married man, whose best friend Ishmael shes  attracted too and is obviously  attracted to her as well. But the drama  doesn't stop there, meet hair stylist Charly, Robin, and Nina. These three women has two things in common, one, they all work for Celeste at her hair salon Dime Piece and two, they all want Ishmael. These women take the word catty to a whole new level.
             Charly in my opinion is the most entertaining character in the book, she will keep you shaking your head and wanting to strangle her. Not to mention her and Nina's competitive ways towards one another are very amusing. And as for Ishmael I have two words, man whore. However, nb the drama doesn't stop with Dime Piece, the books sequel is Tracy Brown's Twisted. In the sequel things get out of control and takes a turn for the worst. Secrets are revealed and deadly actions are taken, personalities change and people are no longer who they once were in Dime Piece. Be careful who you hurt; be careful who cross because it just might cost you. If you want nonstop drama and suspense, read Dime Piece and don't forget to pick up Twisted, you won't believe how it ends.

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