Sunday, September 11, 2011

Advice from Tracy Brown

            Tracy Brown is one of the hottest authors out. She has written mind blowing novels such as Criminal Minded, Snapped, Dime Piece, White Lines and many more. Whatever Ms. Brown puts down on paper comes to life and grabs you by the collar automatically. As a fan and inspiring writer, I was happy to speak with Ms. Brown and get advice from her. Like every person who desires to be a writer I asked her the million dollar question, "As a writer, what advice can you give me? and how did you become so successful and creative?" and this she what she told me.

Ms.Brown: There is no blueprint for writing, all you have to do is sit down and BEGIN. It's that simple. The beginning is different for every writer. For some, they start at the ending and write backwards, some write from start to finish. Personally, for me it varies. Wherever the story "tells me" it starts is where I start. I don't have any degrees in writing so I was never formally taught how to "create". It just comes naturally and I'm sure the same is true for you. If you write from your heart and in YOUR voice- not trying to follow any format or blueprint but just write from your gut- I think the best work is created this way. My advice is to sit down, map out your characters, your storyline and GO. It's really that easy.

               I even asked her how should I go about getting published. These days you hear so many horror stories about people trying to get published and negative things happening. Her answer was simple, yet it made all the sense in the world.

Ms.Brown: As far as publishers are concerned, you should do your research before you submit your work to them. Don't be deterred by the stories you hear all the time. If an author you like has been with the same company for several years you can bet they are happy there. You will do fine.

          I find Ms.Brown's advise to be very helpful, she took the time to give advice to someone who is trying to get where she is and that is highly appreciated. I was happy when she gave me permission to share our conversation on my blog, because I know there are people out there who has the questions as me and who Ms. Brown's advice can help. Ms. Brown is a great author from Staten Island, New York and she's coming out with the sequel  White Lines 2: Sunny in 2012, check it out.

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