Monday, November 25, 2013

A Conversation With N'Tyse

Every author has a story to tell  and in this tale they take front and center and are no longer out staged by fictional characters. Authors are characters themselves and when they sit down with My Urban Books they put down the pen and tell us their story. So we pushed the books aside and opened up the book of life. Ladies and gentlemen this is the story of N’Tyse.

My Urban Books: Tell us about your childhood, who was N’Tyse the child?

N’Tyse: I won’t tell you about the bratty little N’Tyse or else we’d be here for days, LOL! I was quite inquisitive, a prankster, and loved trying new things. I’m the oldest of four so I always felt like I was the boss. I was a natural born entrepreneur and everyone in my family would attest to this. When I was six years old I started my own business selling art. That’s right, ART. I would sell the beautiful carefully colored pages in my coloring book from anywhere from .25 cents to $1.00. It just depended on the value of my design. I would go door to door showcasing my fine art. I even brought on sales reps to help me out. My little sister and brothers. I was trying to keep the business in the family. Business was going so well until I let one of my customers have my entire new collection on credit. She promised she would pay me when she got her check that Friday. Long story short, when she came to my house to bring me my money, my mama answered the door. She told my mom she owed me for my coloring pages. It was like $20. I thought I was rich. Well, my mama put an end to it right then. She didn’t like me going door to door like that. Needless to say, I quit that gig and started a candy house. (100% TRUE STORY).

My Urban Books: Take us back to the day when your name N’Tyse was created. Who was there? And how long did it take for the name to stick?

N’Tyse: I was all alone when I came up with my name. I wanted something sexy and something that had a nice ring to it. I kept repeating that thought…sexy...nice ring to it. And then entice hit me. I didn’t want to spell it the traditional way so I started playing around with the letters N’TYSE. It looked more like a brand when I spelled it that way. It was unique and it looked official. In fact, I was the only one that had my name and was spelling it like this when I created it. I wasn’t really worried about anyone having a hard time pronouncing it, but I was worried that they would forget how to spell it. That’s when I made it an acronym. Never Tell Your SEcrets. I was sure we’ve all heard that before. So now I had a sexy memorable name, with a real message intertwined in it. 

My Urban Books: What 3 events in your life shaped who you are today?  And why does those three stands out the most?

N’Tyse: 1)Marrying my husband 2. Suffering several miscarriages 3. The birth of my daughter.

My Urban Books: After doing some research I have learned that you have a sock fetish, has that fetish ever been included in one of your novels?

N’Tyse: It hasn’t yet, but I’m sure it will.

My Urban Books: What are your thoughts about the novel Fifty Shades of Grey? Do you think it took erotica to new heights or would you say it’s no different from any other erotic novel?

N’Tyse: I haven’t read it but I have friends that have. I personally don’t believe it took or will ever take erotica to new heights, because from what I’m told, it’s all fantasy and profoundly unrealistic. However, I do think it helped spark great discussion and curiosity about erotica and the BDSM lifestyle. But if you really want to be taken to new heights, you should check out Zane and some of the erotica authors on her imprint.

My Urban Books:What can you not live without?

N’Tyse: My family.

My Urban Books: If you had one wish, what would it be?

N’Tyse: For everyone to be healed of sickness.

My Urban Books: What is the most important thing you learned about the literary world?

N’Tyse: You have to have thick skin.

My Urban Books: What don’t you speak about on interviews and on the social media?

N’Tyse: I’m pretty open but I guess if it becomes too personal I will cut it off or avoid the question altogether.

My Urban Books: Can you tell us a little about your future release, Twisted Vows of Seduction. How does this novel differ from your past books?

N’Tyse: Twisted Vows is the second installment in my Twisted series. As you may already know, part one, Twisted Seduction, is about a woman named Denise who orchestrated her husband’s affair, and Twisted Vows of Seduction is the aftermath of all the drama that transpired. Everyone’s past catches up to them and a new character, Naomi Brooks, is introduced to twist things up even more. She’s trying to compete with her fiance’s former lover, only the woman is deceased. Every book in this series is actually different from anything I’ve ever written. I’m dealing with a lot more psychological issues and I’m also writing from several male perspectives. With each book the characters become more complex, making them my favorite all-star cast.

My Urban Books: What novel would you say is the greatest of all time?

N’Tyse: The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah.

My Urban Books: What advice would you give aspiring authors?

N’Tyse: Do as much research as you can on this industry and always be prepared to invest in yourself if no one else will. You’re worth it!

Twisted Vows of Seduction releases nationwide 12/10. Pre-Order your copy today.

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