Sunday, October 27, 2013

Reader Of The Week Rita King

       Understanding your target audience has a big say so in whether or not you will succeed at being an author. It helps to sit down and listen to what readers has to say from time to time. So this week My Urban Books  sat down with avid reader Rita King and asked her questions pertaining to the literary world. Be prepared to take notes authors, because this week’s reader of the week tells all.

My Urban Books: Who is Rita?
Rita King: Rita, who by the way is Cherita Smith -King, is a sexy, strong-willed, loving, fun, supporter, well-wisher, confident, God fearing woman and wife, mother of two. A cosmetologist and confidante friend to few but still an acquaintance to others. I enjoy whipping up hair, cooking, eating, shopping for gadgets, going to book signings, entertaining, and I love NFL and getaways!!! Who's Rita?? This is me!!!!!
My Urban Books: What genres do you read? Which is you favorite and why?
Rita King:  I enjoy reading urban lit, epic contemporary & fantasy, erotica, crime, and comedy! For me it’s a tie between urban lit & crime because it the excitement of the plot that has me enthralled.
My Urban Books: Approximately how many books do you read in a week?
Rita King: It usually is 3-4 books a week depending on length and my schedule.
My Urban Books: What are your reading pet peeves?
Rita King: NO EDITING and TYPESETTING, and using the same models and poses from other peoples work!!! Ugh.
My Urban Books: Besides a novel having a good storyline what else must it have in order for you to pick it up?
 Rita King: It has to have great eye-popping, originality with the cover designs and graphics that say "Open me!!!” length and the texture of the paper.
My Urban Books: Are you team paperback or team ebook?
Rita King: I am definitely team paperback  but because of the literary times and limited area of the African American section in bookstores in my area (WDC) I seem to have been buying more ebooks.
My Urban Books: Have you ever written anything?
Rita King: LOL actually I was 8 when I wrote it and the name was The Bird Which Lost His Song! It was based on my young life with me singing, in the church choir, but as a bird who lost my voice in the park. My name was in pig Latin, Iritache!!
My Urban Books: The social media, do you think it helps, or harms authors?
Rita King: Both!!! Pro: it can get your name out there but...Con: if you depend on social media to promote for you then you will never get established in the literary world because we won't know who you really are. That's pimping us for you!
My Urban Books: How long is to long for an author to release a sequel to a book?
Rita King: 12 months and more. Personally I can forget the storyline whether good or not and have to waste time rereading the last novel.
My Urban Books: What advice would you like to give authors?
Rita King: My first advice would be to take pleasure in your books. These are your babies, a replica of you. It should be a story in which you want to read yourselves. Secondly, take pride in your work by editing, typesetting and communicating with your readers either by personal appearances, email or social media.

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