Monday, April 15, 2013

Sammie Says... by Shiana

Sammie Says….
Sammie tells you a vivid story of her life being flipped upside down taking you on a journey you won’t ever forget. From her childhood with a racist grandma to her dopefiend mom to being daddy’s little girl. Her daddy finds a new way of hustling that would lead to lies, blackmail and even death. Sammie goes from the hushful, naive little patsy girl to a deranged girl with a gun strapped to her hip. Sammie will have you on the edge of your seat as she tells her tale of the many twists and turns in her life. At least that’s what she says, or is she just blowing smoke?
Excerpt from
Sammie Says:

      I woke up finding that my room was pitch dark and so was outside. I couldn’t believe that I slept for the first time in a while without being haunted by Moe. It felt good to sleep without being, chased by a crazy naked bloody man.
     Rising up out the bed I opened my bedroom door, stepping out peeping into daddy’s room, he was sound asleep.
     I turned stepping back into my room tripping over my cell phone as I bent down picking it up. I remembered Brenee answering Moore’s phone.
Something about me I couldn’t explain, my temper was all over the place. I stepped over to my nightstand flicking on the lamp light as I reached into my drawer retrieving my .22. I had a plan in my head and I couldn’t be stopped.
    I stepped into the kitchen, grabbing daddy’s keys as I disappeared out the door locking the door on my way out.
     I hated daddy’s car, but I needed to go and his car was the only way for me to get there. With that one driving lesson, I was hoping it paid off that night as I started up daddy’s car. I prayed deep down that he didn’t hear the loud wreck of his car.
I parked two blocks from my destination as I placed my gun into the pocket of my jeans. Happy that I remembered the area and the right house I made my way up to the house as I stood outside the house looking up into the top floor rooms. I found a white vine fence that sat on the side of the house going up to the window that I believed to me my destination.
    I climbed up as I stepped into the window seeing I was in the right room. A figure lie in the bed with a white blanket pulled up coving the person’s head. I knew I was in the right room because of the décor and the pictures on the walls let me know.
     I noticed the clock that was on the nightstand read 3:47 a.m. I tipped toe over to the side of the bed as a pillow fell to the floor from the bed. I made sure that the person under the blanket didn’t see me as the person moved about under the blanket.
     I picked up the pillow and held it tightly in my left hand as I pulled out my gun holding it in my right hand.
     I moved in closer to the person in the bed as I whistled a little and said, “Hey, hey,” The person moved as she opened her eyes wide with a shocking expression.
   “Don’t say a fucking word,” I threaten placing the gun to Brenee’s head as she closed her mouth biting on her tongue.
   “You just can’t seem to get the picture Brenee. Moore isn’t yours anymore you messed that up so why you keep coming around?”
Brenee licked her lips as she tried to speak, “Naw don’t say anything because you don’t have shit to say that I care to hear. I will keep you away from him for good though.”
      I placed the pillow over her face as I put the gun right over the pillow and shot Brenee two times in the head.

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