Saturday, March 23, 2013

Enter to win a paperback copy of Renee 2: The Protege

This is the contest where you can choose what you want to do in order to try and win a book! I am giving readers 3 options as to how they will compete for a paperback version of my next release Renee 2: The Protégé. After you have picked how you will compete please message me on Facebook and inform me of what option you have choose and let me know when you have completed the task. If I am not contacted on Facebook I will not be aware of who entered and you will not be considered a contestant.  2 winners will be randomly selected. The contest will end March 31, 2013.
Option #1: There are many books that it is hard for a reader to decide what they will read next. So if you own Renee: All Hail the Queen and have not gotten around to read it all you will have to do is read it this week and post a review by March 31, 2013.
Option #2: Have 3 people who are on Goodreads friend me and add Renee: All Hail the Queen to their “To Reads,” list.
Option #3: If you have read Renee and have not left a review, leave a review by 3/26/2013.

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