Friday, February 22, 2013

The Black Onyx Review by Nika Michelle

        When reading a sequel what should readers look for? I’ll tell you, your eyes should search for growth within the authors writing, entertainment, a connection between the first novel and the sequel along with originality. When reading Black Onyx by Nika Michelle the sequel to Black Butterfly this is exactly what you get. This novel I enjoyed because I witnessed the authors growth along with good editing. The storyline caught my attention and was well thought out, I even caught myself wanting to read about characters I was not crazy about in part one. I admired the fact that Nika added on to her characters personalities without taking away any significant characteristics.
        Research was surly done while writing this novel which is appreciated because it shows the level of seriousness taking while penning this novel. The transformation within the characters was shown and fit perfectly with who they are while showing that even though things change situation’s still remain the same. If Nika continues with this writing technique her writing career will surely evolve. This novel in my opinion is better than part one and is worth the time and money.

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