Friday, November 30, 2012

A Conversation With Hannah Spivey

         If you have never heard about her or got a chance to pull up a seat and have a conversation with her than now is the chance for you to do so. Get acquainted with Hannah Spivey and learn about the person behind the pen. Behind every novel is an author waiting to come out and now is the chance for readers to meet Hannah, pen and paper pushed aside.
My Urban Books: Growing up did you always want to be a writer?
Hannah Spivey: No, I didn’t always want to be a writer. I dreamed of becoming a teacher, nurse, driver, or lawyer, lol.
My Urban Books: Your novel Ebony the Beloved started with a teenage girl being bullied while in high school, so tell us Hannah how was your high school experience?
Hannah Spivey: In high school, I was an introvert. I stayed to myself and I was quite timid, but I wasn’t bullied though.
My Urban Books:What one word would you use to best describe Ebony from Ebony the Beloved? And why did you select that word?
Hannah Spivey: Triumphant. Ebony was more determined than she gave herself credit for.
My Urban Books: When writing what must you have? ex: snacks, music.
Hannah Spivey: Lol, hmmm…I like to listen to music and eat chocolate sometimes.
My Urban Books: When writing what did you start off doing that you now no longer do?
Hannah Spivey: Good question! I started my first book by writing it in a composition notebook. Nowadays I just regurgitate my thoughts onto the computer.
My Urban Books: What about your eBook’s would you say should be altered?
Hannah Spivey: I’d say my three e-books need to be changed because they need official covers, lol.
My Urban Books: What do you believe is the strongest aspect in African-American literature?
Hannah Spivey: Captivating  gritty, scandalous, and tantalizing story lines.
My Urban Books: What advice would you give aspiring authors?
Hannah Spivey: I’d tell them to keep chasing their literary dreams until they’re breathless. I’d also tell them to do their research on book marketing, publishing and get well acquainted with prospect business partners via social networks.

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