Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mil-Town's Finest by Charae Lewis

          Mil-Town's Finest by Charae Lewis is a breath of fresh air. This book starts out entertaining and grabs your attention instantly. Lewis is an unpredictable writer and the more you read the more you wonder what will happen next, but once things unfold you won't believe your eyes. Drama to the tenth power Mil-Town's Finest takes urban fiction to a place I believe many will be happy it went, the storyline itself is original and creative. Lewis came from left field with this book which is always a good thing because while others are looking right she creeps up on you with this page turner which has a voice of its own.

             Mil-Town's Finest has a touch of street but in the core of its pages expresses the love between a man and a woman and between family overall. This novel has what I think every reader is looking for, suspense, drama, pain, and happiness all wrapped up in one. The couple in this novel is sincerely happy and loves one another without a question. It's a Cinderella story taking you down the path from pain to happiness which ultimately leads to the truth. Every important relationship in a person's life is touched on which makes it good from beginning to end. There's never a dull moment, never a time when you want to skip a page because you feel the book is dragging. Every character is so well developed you'd think they were real. I wish this novels editing was a little more tighter because if so there would be not one thing wrong with it. However, with or without errors I recommend this book. 

           I enjoyed this novel and believe you would also you will be proud you picked up this book and ready to pick up your next Charae Lewis novel. Mil-Town's Finest, every page will keep you on your toes.

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