Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Art of Deceit by Fabiola Joseph Review

        The Art of Deceit comes in many forms, but no matter what form it appears in it is always a manipulative and calculating gesture one places upon others for their own selfish gain. When being deceitful the victims feelings are never taken into consideration, instead they are trampled on and never given a second thought. But ask me if Tangie cares about anything I've just wrote, and I'll tell you calmly and simply, no.

        When you want something you work hard for it, but main character Tangie from the Art of Deceit takes what she wants without apology or regret. This novel is original and creative in the sense where you never see the jaw dropping moments approaching. The smallest aspects are the most significant and a reality check for what you thought you knew. What Fabiola Joseph has penned is filled with secrets, heartache, confusion, and greed. It is betrayal times two. Take a look into the live's of the rich and famous and discover its nothing but a power struggle and everyone out for self.

            The Art of the Deceit is a non-predictable, secrets oozing from under the bedroom door master piece. Everyone in your inner circle is a snake so prepare to get bit. No one is who they seem to be, and the suspense of when the other shoe will drop will keep you holding on to your book and questioning if Tangie is as slick as she think she is. Take a walk down the road called heart break and see just how far people will go when pushed. Each and every character has a secret and even though they are all in the music business their acting skills reveals they are in the wrong profession. Everyone gets out of character when Tangie enters the picture, even Tangie herself.

           This novel ends with a cliff hanger and leaves you questioning who is left standing when the dust clears. Tangie is not done reeking havoc, in fact I think she's just begun. So stay tuned and keep an eye out for The Art of Deceit 2 because the best has yet to come.

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