Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Black Friday by Ashley and Jaquavis Review

             New York Times bestselling authors Ashley & Jaquavis will have you begging and pleading for a sequel to their hit novel Black Friday. After recently reading it all I kept asking myself "is why I did I take so long to read this novel?" Black Friday is simple, yet complex, heartfelt yet a temper starter, it's a game of who can outsmart the other and be crowned the grimiest of them all. Everyone has a motive and no one is loyal to anyone but themselves. Forget taking it to the streets, their taking it to the courtroom where twelve strangers society knows as jurors holds your life in the palm of their hands.

              In Black Friday money is nothing but a toy being passed around and love and loyalty is a diamond in the ruff, you're gonna have to dig pretty deep to find these hidden treasure. Ashley & Jaquavis takes you on a ride where nothing is what it seems, forget what you think and go with your instincts if something doesn't feel right more than likely it isn't. These authors get to the root of the issues; I read this book so quickly by the time I was done I looked up at the clock and said "where did the time go? I just started" don't sleep on Black Friday. If you like The Cartel then back room on your bookshelves and ereaders because you'll fall for Black Friday as well. One night changed everything; one person's actions can affect everyone! so think twice before you make a move.

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